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Thu, 09/06/2007

09/07/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Ballot Measure 49’s name is still in play.  Judge Ann Aiken ruled that the name in the voter pamphlet stands, but property rights wackos say that if it actually appears on paper they are going to get the whole election declared invalid.  (Odd thing is, we still don’t know what the Measure’s name is or why the zealots find it so objectionable…’Cocksucking Property Rights Measure’…?  What?)
  2. They Inhaled:  Then there’s Measure 50.  That’s the one that raises cigarette taxes to providing funding for children’s healthcare.   Tobacco companies are fighting it tooth and nail based on the rather specious argument that HMO’s and insurers are behind it and the money won’t go to children’s healthcare.  They are right, of course.  But until we have a single payer system in place, it’s going to be that way.  And Gawd, how the healthcare insurers love Big Tobacco…They’d be out of business if people stayed healthy…
  3. The federal government’s salmon and steelhead recovery plan is exactly the skewed sort of deformed science the Bush administration sucks up and spits out.  Environmentalists are going back to court.
  4. Maxxam – the logging company, not the saucy magazine – has attacked trees and the people who sit in them in a tract of old growth timber in Northern California.
  5. Working Ninety-five:  Ninety-five Oregon school districts could be facing a lawsuit form the Oregon School employees Association over that sweet, sweet smelling $50 thousand sitting in their health insurance account after their policies migrated over to a state-run insurance pool.
  6. Up there in Olympia, Washington State legislators have their own home-grown head-cases to cope with.  The state supreme Court says it will issue a ruling today on Tim Eyman’s latest anti-tax initiative.  The Supreme Court usually is loathe to involve itself in pre-election squabbles, but Tim Eyman is just too annoying to ignore…You can try, but…
  7. Caught In The Act:  Judge Victor Marrero ruled part of the execrable USA Patriot Act unconstitutional.  Okay, it’s just a part of the Act.  But an important one. Marrero took issue with the National Security Letter clause, which allows the government to collect information about individuals (In some cases – Brandon Mayfield - by invading their houses while they are out patriotically shopping or going to church or scoring drugs) without their knowledge and/or with their knowledge and their silence regarding the matter.
  8. Quelle Surprise!!  Employers cut four thousand jobs last month.  First time in four years that happened.  They were expecting to add 110 thousand.  So it goes…
  9. The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warned that the US economy is about to slip into recession…(Oh, and did they mention that we are now a military dictatorship, a third world banana republic, a penitentiary that prints its own stamps?)
  10. Mexican trucks have to comply with NAFTA.  (That’s so funny it’s sad, if you think about it…)
  11. Remember that immigration rally back in May at LA’s MacArthur Park?  The one when the police went a little wild on demonstrators?  Well the LAPD is getting sued once again for brutality.  (Take a number and get in line, protestors…)
  12. Net Loss:  The US Justice Department says that Internet service providers should be allowed to charge for priority traffic.  That’s right.  Good-bye ‘Net Neutrality’, hello, two-tiered system, money in the fast lane, content in the slow lane.  (Try thinking of it as an opportunity to fly under the radar:  It hurts less that way…)
  13. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”:  Republicans are allegedly “pinning their election hopes on Florida’s Cuban Americans.”  (What?  They abandoned those remarkable touch screen voting machines that could be reprogrammed to produce fraudulent results by any fourteen year-old with a pocket knife and a Juvie rap sheet…?)
  14. DePaul University professor Norman Finkelstein resigned from his job as a political scientist just months after he was denied tenure at the school.  Finkelstein is the scholar who took on Alan Dershowitz after the publications of Dershowitz’s vicious screed ‘The Case For Israel’.  Finkelstein came out with his own rebuttal,  ‘Beyond Chutzpah:  On The Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History’.  (Interestingly, In ‘The Roots of Cruelty’, Alice Miller identifies bogus sentimentality as one of the character flaws that allowed the German people to perpetrate the Holocaust.  Dershowitz’s book is a prime example of just this sort of saccharine sentimental schmaltz that Miller is so articulate and incisive in describing.  Hmmmmm)
  15. Seven US Marines were killed in Anbar province, America’s ‘poster child’ in Bush’s advertising campaign for endless war. 
  16. A global poll shows that most people worldwide think the US should leave Iraq.  (Even more people no doubt feel that the US should pull out of planet Earth, - by March at the latest…)
  17. “Four Out of Five Doctors”:  Doctors around the world say that the US medical-industrial establishment appears to have turned a blind eye to the abuse of military medicine at Guantanamo Bay Prison (That’s nothing; The US medical establishment has turned a “blind eye” to more than 42 million Americans who can’t afford insurance – never mind proper medical care…)
  18. Thirteen mine-clearing techs were kidnapped in Afghanistan.
  19. A Little Nuky Goes A Long Way:  North Korea has invited the US, China and Russia to take a look at its nukes.
  20. No Peaking:  In Britain, environmental groups withdrew from discussions on the viability of relying on nuclear power plants as an energy supply in a world of Peak Oil and even peaker energy consumption.  (Apparently the enviros were unable to convey the fact that  nuclear power and the Mini Cooper were not made for one another…)






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