Musings on KBOO Membership and More


During this membership drive I've had time to think about why and how I am involved with KBOO.


2000. Recently divorced. Left the conservative church I'd been a member of for decades. Had started reading "radical" news like The Oregon Peaceworker.

By this time, I'd already been involved in my revitalized tribal culture for some time. (I remember the first powwow I had attended, bouncing my baby Tk-tk (Rachel) in my arms to the big drum that was the heart beat of the nations.)

I found my way to Portland, land of anonymity, where I could follow my passions for forest defense, nursing, and being free of the scrutiny of a small, conservative community. But I really missed my sweatlodge community in Coos County.

I got lonely. A boyfriend had a KBOO bumper sticker on his truck. He told me there was some pretty good music on KBOO. I tuned in one day and LOVED what I heard! I believe I was listening to Joe (and maybe Abe?). I loved listening to Bluegrass on my way to work on Saturday mornings. But there was more...Radio Free Ireland...Robyn Shanti's Song Circle...Ani and Melody's Positively Revolting...exciting powwow music on Indian World (John Talley/Samantha King/Spider Mocassin) and JOY OF JOYS...a radical Native American dude playing slamming hot music and reading poetry so beautiful I was moved to call the station and find out who had written it.

"I wrote it." What?! Please sent me a copy.

That was Eugene. The Native American Dude I'm now happily married to.

So yesterday, Eugene and I spent hours at the station to do our part for the membership drive and talkin' about the good ol' days of KBOO - and what the future may bring.

We are amazed and appreciative of the support coming in from the community. It affirms to us that KBOO is not only relevant, but vital, for an alternative voice and we are proud to be part of it.

As hosts of Tillicum Wawa, we pledge to you, dear listeners, that we will not just have it our way. We are here to serve the voice of Native America, and to facilitate conversation and understanding between cultures. We know how to sacrifice our time, not only on 1st and 3rd Thursdays, but in during the weeks between shows, to bring you interviews, news, and the occasional personal story.  That one hour every two weeks is vital to addressing ongoing issues that are near and dear to our hearts.

We invite you to join the Tee-Dub (TW) tribe. If you're listening, you're part of the conversation.

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