The Confessional playlist for 10/30/2011

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The Confessional
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The Confessional (Music) with Love Jonze 10/30/2011 12:00AM to 02:00AM

12:00AM-12:04AM (4:50) Anoushka Shankar “Red Sun” from RISE (2005) on EMI Classics

12:05AM-12:11AM (5:41) Anoushka Shankar “Mahadeva” from RISE (2005) on EMI Classics

12:11AM-12:14AM (3:00) Vaudou “ceremonie de possession” from Musique du Monde

12:14AM-12:17AM (3:00) Charly Antolinis Power Dozen “Jumping” from D-Funk

12:17AM-12:20AM (3:00) Ganymed “FUTURE WORLD” from D-Funk

12:20AM-12:23AM (3:00) Montana Chromeboy “War on the Bullshit” from Funk, Disco & Boggie Grooves from Germany 1972-2002

12:23AM-12:26AM (3:00) Sexteto Electronico Moderno “Soul Nuevo” from I Gotta New Dance on Vampisoul

12:26AM-12:29AM (3:00) Traffic Sound “Inca Snow” from I Gotta New Dance on Vampisoul

12:29AM-12:34AM (4:43) Chucho Valdes “New Orleans (A Tribute to the Marsalis Family)” from Chucho's Steps (2010) on world village France

12:34AM-12:40AM (5:47) Fat Marley “XIN” from New Old World - Future Sun (2002) on Tratore

12:40AM-12:42AM (2:42) Lucas Santtana “Super Violão Mashup” from Sem Nostalgia (2008) on YB Music

12:42AM-12:45AM (3:00) Metallica “The Ecstasy Of Gold” from We All Love Morricone on SonyBMGMasterworks

12:45AM-12:48AM (3:00) Kammerflimmer Kollektief “Coricidin Boogie” from Teufelskamin

12:48AM-12:51AM (3:00) Kammerflimmer Kollektief “Nearly Able to Fly” from Teufelskamin

12:51AM-12:54AM (3:00) Mocean Worker “Swagger” from Candygram for Mowo on MOWO

12:54AM-12:57AM (3:00) Mocean Worker “Sistas and Bruthus” from Candygram

12:57AM-01:00AM (3:00) Ocote Soul Sounds “Pirata” from Taurus on ESL

01:00AM-01:06AM (5:13) Tommy Guerrero “Yerba Buena Bump” from Lifeboats and Follies (2009) on RUSH! PRODUCTION / AWDR / LR2

01:06AM-01:10AM (4:07) Tommy Guerrero “Cut the Reins” from Lifeboats and Follies (2009) on RUSH! PRODUCTION / AWDR / LR2

01:10AM-01:13AM (3:00) Controlled Bleeding “Controlled Bleeding” from Odes to Bubbler

01:13AM-01:16AM (3:00) Controlled Bleeding “Bees” from Ode to Bubbler

01:16AM-01:19AM (3:00) Zoviet France “Signal/They're Eating the Passengers” from Misfits, Loony Tunes and Squalid Criminals

01:19AM-01:22AM (3:00) Guido & Maurizio De Angelis “Il Cittadino/Goodbye My friend (rock version)” from Ill Cittadino Si Ribella

01:22AM-01:25AM (3:00) Erkin Koray “Meçhul” from Meçhul

01:25AM-01:29AM (4:36) Cirque Du Soleil “Stella Errans” from Dralion (1999) on Cirque Du Soleil Music Inc.

01:29AM-01:31AM (1:26) Cirque Du Soleil “BAMBOO” from Dralion (1999) on Cirque Du Soleil Music Inc.

01:31AM-01:34AM (3:00) Masaoka Orchestra “24000 Years is Forever” from what is the difference between stripping and playing the violin?

01:34AM-01:37AM (3:48) Gotan Project “La Gloria” from TANGO 3.0 (2010) on Universal Music Division Barclay

01:37AM-01:41AM (3:23) Gotan Project “De Hombre A Hombre” from TANGO 3.0 (2010) on Universal Music Division Barclay

01:41AM-01:44AM (3:00) Senior Coconut “The Robots” from El Baile Aleman

01:44AM-01:47AM (3:29) Merry Clayton “Gimme Shelter” from Strange Games & Funky Things 5 (2010) on BBE

01:47AM-01:50AM (3:00) Miguel Migs “Zuzu” from Outside the Skyline on Om

01:50AM-02:06AM (15:49) Takagi Masakatsu “opus pia” from opus pia (2002) on Epiphany Works

02:06AM-02:13AM (6:24) GiGi “Tew Ante Sew” from Illuminated Audio (2003) on Palm Pictures


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