Theresa/PW BA upate #4


The picture there is part of Ani's brilliant graffito iconography, soon to be available in some way... I am feeling much better, little pain, almost no bleeding, swelling down.  My new face is emerging.

I have had many thoughts about being away from the US, and I will elaborate later, but one of the most pressing is the fact that I have left a terrifying police state--the USA--and am now enjoying relative peace here in Buenos Aires.  Yes, in Argentina, where the generalissimos still haven't been properly  brought to justice for the torture and disappearances of the Seventies, and where the graffiti warns that it is not over-- it is safer.  The numbers back it up.  We have seven million on parole, on probation, or in a filthy dungeon somewhere facing beatings and rape, and the dungeons reflect the apartheid economy we have.  They don't have that.  No one does.

Away from the constant mind control in the US, it becomes so fucking clear.  We have lost everything, everything.  I could be detained at the airport just for saying this, let's face it.  You know it's true.  And we have to overthrow the  terror, and we have to start from page one, oh my god.  I am tempted to apply for temporary immigration status here, but I will come back.  It's my mess too, and I want to help clean it up.


Meanwhile: pull up this image.  It's the TEPCO image of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  Right now (8:30AM Porland, 12:30PM Buenos Aires) there is a terrific pall of deadly radioactive steam blasting out of the reactor on the end (I think it's reactor #1) and out of the associated discharge tower.  I left before was able to report on my show about radiation readings in Portland, but I found double background on filters, and, sadly, on some people's living bodies.  If there had not been a dose of particulate radiation, people, those filters would have registered background; the bodies could have picked it up anywhere, but the fact is, we are irradiated and radiating.  Meanwhile the cancer rates go up and up, killing a third of women.  Does anyone remember that this used not to be the case?

(For god's sake, at least, eat no tuna.)

We must begin to fight effectively.  We must transform KBOO into a vibrant, visible media hub.  It will take a massive effort, with more people involved than ever.  People, don't let the egotists and saboteurs onto the Board.  Let's go the other direction, instead, and lead the revolution.  I see new web capabilities, postering campaigns, visual elements on the broadcast a la Democracy Now, meetings, fundraisers, a new way.  Let's do it.



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