Eugene's "Angry Indian Minute," Read on 11-11-10

Eugene's Angry Indian Minute read on 11-11-10.

Don't call me chief!

Calling me chief is not a term of respect. Calling me chief is a term of you seeing what race I am and for some reason thinking you have to honor me. There are many Indians who don't look like the stereotype you have of us in your mind. How do you show honor and respect for them? And why do you think you have to honor Indians for simply being Indian?

Do you want to honor white males by calling them King?

Do you want to honor Japanese males by calling them emperor?

Do you want to honor Persian males by calling them Shah?

Why don't you feel the need to show honor and respect to any other race for simply being a member of that race? Why don't you feel the need to call members of other races by some sort of name designating some high ranking officer amongst that race? Are they not as worthy of your honor and respect for simply being their race as we Indians are?

Don't call me chief!

If you want to call me something to show some sort of honor and resqect for me for whatever reason you feel this crazy urge to do so...CALL ME ZEUS!

CALL ME ZEUS! God of all gods! Call me ZUES, God of all humanity. Call me Zeus! God over all the earth and everything that exists upon it. Kneel before ME, Zeus, your God! Then make me offerings of cash, gold, land, cattle, horses, houses, and expensive automobiles (all tax exempt, of course). If you feel some crazy urge to honor me, honor me in that manner...

But don't call me chief.


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