Just who is steering this ship, anyways?


For much of this year, KBOO has operated without a Station Manager. In keeping with KBOO’s tradition of trying innovative ideas to address challenges, the board accepted a proposal by the staff to give collective management a trial run. 

Initially, we started out by apportioning the essential responsibilities inherent in the Station Manager’s job description, to the remaining staff. The goal was to make sure that all essential duties were being filled, and to utilize the skills of the staff to cover them. As we met obligations, dealt with challenges, and looked at alternate staff management structures, the staff decided to make a formal proposal to institutionally change KBOO’s staffing to a worker-collective. We think that this structure is culturally the best fit for the station, and recognizes and utilizes the interdependency of departments.
The staff are meeting several times per month to finish this proposal. We are currently looking at ways to hold accountability amongst the staff, and to conduct evaluations of staff members. 
As always, your feedback is important! We invite anyone with ideas or with experience with collective staffing to give us your thoughts and ideas.  Please contact me with any ideas, information, concerns or questions you have about this process, or leave your comments here. You can reach me at this link, or at 503-231-8032 ext. 213.   You can reach the staff as a whole through this link.


Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Your comments are taken to heart, and get to an important issue that we are trying to address as a staff.  The very high rate of high rate of turn over we've experienced in the station manager's position has allowed us several different "styles" of managers, from the laid back to punitive, over the last 20 years. And while we've had some managers of great skill, we run into many of the same issues, including what should happen to get all staff function well in a collaborative environment.

We certainly aim to inspire one another to our highest level of functioning, and our commitment to the organization as a whole must remain a higher priority than coddling ineffective colleagues.

We will keep your comments in mind as we move forward to put in place a structure that will serve the organization as we work to address the many challenges there are to face in this changing media environment.




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