A Different Nature playlist for 11/15/2010

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A Different Nature
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Igor WakhevitchNagualNagualFractal
Igor WakhevitchErgon/Mineral-Vegital-Animal/Homosapiens IgnorabimusLogos(Rituel Sonore)Fractal
Igor WakhevitchMateria PrimaDocteur FaustFractal
Igor WakhevitchCris pour les sabbats inrernaux et invocations des daimonsHathorFractal
Igor WakhevitchRites of the DollLes Fous d'OrFractal
Igor WakhevitchTaddy's Fruit GardenLet's StartFractal
Igor WakhevitchEau ArdenteDocteur FaustFractal
Igor WakhevitchGrand Sabbat LuciferienHathorFractal
Igor WakhevitchSpenta AramatiNagualFractal
Igor WakhevitchTenebresDocteur FaustFractal
Igor WakhevitchMonks in the SnowLet's StartFractal
Igor WakhevitchHenry the fool of the dollLes Fous d'OrFractal
Igor WakhevitchLicornes/Sang PourpreDocteur FaustFractal
Igor WakhevitchInitiation (2eme partie)LogosFractal
Igor WakhevitchDeleriumLogosFractal
Igor WakhevitchDanse SacraleLogosFractal
Igor WakhevitchPoint Omega(mort ou resurrection)LogosFractal
Igor WakhevitchRituel of the Master of the DollLes Fous d'OrFractal
Igor WakhevitchAmenthi(Attente de la seconde mort)HathorFractal
Igor WakhevitchAuroreHathorFractal
Igor WakhevitchCinderellaNagualFractal

Tonight we listen to the music of Igor Wakhevitch.  On top of composing music for Salvador Dali's 1974 opera "Etre Dieu," Wakhevitch released six records in the 1970s. The Swan's Michael Gira said of Wakhevitch "The most astonishing music I have heard in some years... Ominous and beautiful, then clamorous and Wagnerian," while a Pitchfork review of one Wakhevitch's records, "Docteur Faust," was titled "It Was the Strangest Record I Had Ever Heard."  While sections of the Dali Opera have been and will be aired on Desolo Vox Luna Theatrum, I thought it'd be nice to hear from those 6 albums released in the 1970s. These albums were also reissued several years ago as the 6-CD set "Donc" by the Fractal label. 

The orginal albums with year of release:

 1970  Logos (rituel sonore)

1971  Docteur Faust

1973 Hathor (liturgie du souffle pour la resurerection des morts)

1975 Les Fous d'Or

1977 Nagual (les ailes de la perception)

1979 Let's Start




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