Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/07/26


July Board Meeting 07/26/2010
Board Present:
Judy F, Becky C, Erin B, Kurt S, Ivonne, Nia L, Deena B, Louis S
Board Not Present:
Marty, Jim, Maura
Public, and Staff Present: Grace Hague, Paula Small, Per Fagereng, Glen Owen, Rabia
Kathleen Bushman, Keller Henry, Kyle, Mike D, Zale Chadwick, Rich Lindsey, John Mackey,Zale Chadwick, Alicia Olsen,
Ivonne brought Food.... Yeah!!
Meeting Started 6:18

Check in
Review of Agenda-
 Chris would like to add approving $1000 Engineer Expenses- add to finance
Erin would like to add to Personnel Committee- New Board Member Packet
Ani made a statement of Values, Communication Guidelines, House Rules
and she would be facilitating the meeting.
Public Comments-
Grace Hague wanted to us to think about what’s best for KBOO and response accordingly.

Board Administrative Business 6:45- 7:10
Appoint New Officers
Louis would like to appoint Kurt as Vice President. Nia Seconds this.
All in Favor
Deena Abstained
 Board Minutes
All in favor to accept minutes
* Judy would like the insert conversation about bylaw edit
Strategic Committee
Erin Yanke, Ani, Louis, Kathleen Debbie, Judy, John M were on the Strategic Committee
Interviewed several consults last Thursday, Judy is checking references and we will discuss during closed session. All three are all Oregon based from 6,7 proposals submitted. This will happen this late summer or fall. Price range is varied, but around the 20,000 range. Erin has not received any proposal for the board. Erin would like to have someone check her inbox in the station by 5pm next week. Bylaws will need to be ready be August 9th. Erin will post link on CNRG or CL. Kurt will do PSA for Board Meeting.    Judy found Tabor Space, for the annual meeting Sept 19th.    Nia would like to do a community building program.
Finance Report
Air conditioning Unit malfunctioned on our transmissor site- Engineering is opting for a repair for $2,100 vs. a new unit. Erin proposed 2,1000- Ivonne wants the greenest alternative Deena Seconded Unanimous. Overhauling our Emergency alert system- John estimated 1,800 for software. Deb doesn’t know whether money for this is in the Aux or General budget. Erin found it under future consideration for the budget- along with live remote gear.   This will be discussed by staff and the finance committee.
Finance is waiting on staff’s decision on management with staff, and Development Goal is 50,000 wants it dropped to $25,0000. Discussion in Fiance is where to alloct that extra income. Sun would like to keep budgets for Events to $20,000.   Proposal is to increase health benefits by 15%.   Financing will need to look at insurance, and contract services. Erin wants us to consider $10,000.
Engineering Responsibitly Bylaw
Board would like someone from staff work with John an the Engineering committee/ board liason to draft a doc that best represents their needs for better functioning committee, then bring the document to the board.  
All agree
Nia abstained.
Board wanted Staff to put a Vounteer Discipline code, and put House Rules into policy.
Deena motioned to pass House Rules into Policy - Kurt seconds this. Unamiously voted in,
Personnal committee – Ani and Zale with Judy wrote this policy . 4 situations have been noted, and KBOO has used this as a best practice. This policy allows the staff to respond to situations with volunteers and still have due process.
Erin B. moved to move volunteer Discipline Code into a policy. 
Deena Seconded
All voted.
Zale brought Disturbance Abatement to the table. The situations regarding non volunteers that are disurbing the peace. Erin wanted to know who would lift the ban because the policy doesn’t currently outline it. 
Becky motioned to move this back to personnal for rewrite
Judy seconded
Ivonne abstained
Nia abstained
6 vote Yes
Judy introduces a new bylaw change to Article IV and added the rational for the change proposal. Judy proposes that we vote on each section individually. The Board also doesn’t have to approve this for Nominating Commitment to move forward with this for the new board. Erin approves it with the legal language removed from document. Erin moves that change be adopted in policy. Erin moves with the addition
Kurt seconds. 
we bring the Kurt seconds

Personnal Review
Web Coordinator is leaving in two weeks. Staff evaluated the position. Becky says the choices are between hiring next web coordinator in line, or getting the position and responsibilities together.
Chris feels like the hiring committee revisit the original folks that applied for the position. An exit interview with past web coordinators should be done to figure out strengths, and weaknesses in the currently postion. Staff would prefer someone with more face time. Ani will contact a employment lawyer to make sure KBOO can proceed in that manner legally.   Ani will contact Nina Cook.  
Deena moves that Ani will contact Nina Cook, and email hiring committee….Conduit an
Exit interview with Dan, send both summarization in a result to the staff,
Judy will summarize Mark’s exit interview, and Deena will perform the exit interview for Dan.
Erin seconded  
Erin makes a motion that we retain the services of Scott Pratt for the lawsuit with
Michael P. Chris will deal with Scott Pratt.  
Deena moves that Chris will talk toScott Pratt- as a point of contact for the Michael P. 
Chris will CC Louis, Becky, and Erin.  
Erin seconded and unamious.


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