The Melting Pot on 08/31/10

The Melting Pot
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Tue, 08/31/2010 - 8:00pm - Wed, 09/01/2010 - 12:00am
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Help pick the flavors for tonights 4 hour “MELTING POT” 8-12pm!!!

Help pick the flavors for tonights 4 hour “MELTING POT” 8-12pm

Tune in Tonight!!! Tuesday 8/31/10  8-10pm(PST) for an extended edition of "THE MELTING POT" featuring 4 hours of International Eclectronica. Featuring Remixes, Refixes, Edits, Mashups, of your favorite artists whith those who are about to be. Im looking for input on tonights show and since there are 4 hours all the ingredients are out and i am open to suggestions. If youre a fan of the show your participation is needed. If you havent heard it before check for playlists, bios on past featured artists, video links, and links to downloads from some of the globes hottest producers in International Eclectronica.

We will be featuring tastes of Downtempo, Future Funk, Jazz, Breakbeat, HipHop, Drum and Bass, Indigenous Riddims, Reggae, Global Bangers, Dubstep, Bhangra, African, Latin Beats,  Trip-hop, Psychedelic, House, Tribal, Dub, Roots Music... from thoughout the years and across continents. Bringing you the fresh International heat while focusing on local talent, and the roots of electronica. Please take a minute to leave a comment with your favorite genre, artist, label, or feeling that you want to hear more of and be and active member in this show community radio. Help decide the flavors of the brew...

And check out for a copy of the new
PRETTY LIGHTS album Spilling Over Every Side

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melting pot

I would love to hear some Brown Caesar Santozin, Cloudy October, Sleep of Oldominion, Rocket ONE, Mic Crenshaw, The Chicharones, Abadawn, keeping the flow local, thanx and much respect. From tha Couve, Jeremy S.

Accidental listening leads to aural bliss

I turned on my old stereo that has a dual cd player and mixer, turntable attached...the audio had a lot of static so I turned on the tuner.   The readout for the tuner burned out on the stereo a decade ago but I found FM and pushed the tuner 2 jots and this funky electronic noise food came out.   It instantly sounded unlike commercial radio because it didnt suck.   

     I remember something my older brother said about how some R&B music was getting good and sort of 80s sounding.   I wasnt sure if this was that...but my musically well fed ears were impressed....much less my actual perceptual being.  Not that I should be surprised.  I recall back in 1987 when my Gemini older brother was an angst filled New Waver and as we had recently moved from Astoria, the largess of culture in Portland was rearing it's icerberg vastness and he heard some Psychic TV on Kboo.  It was Papal Breakdance.    I have to admit I was not to be well aquainted with Kboo until 2005, when in one week 2 radio shows I listened to were cancelled.  Out of talk radio junkie desperation I went full force into Kboo's morning zine...from 6am to 11.  Only a few times did I hear anything after that. 

  But when I turned on the radio tonight..I heard this excellent upbeat funky electro grooviness that the artists for sure loved to record.   It  reminded me of bands Ive listened to like Faze Action...or Pepe Deluxe.   My imagination and whatever you call ones audiophile musical appreciation has a life  of it's having become familiar with trusted labels, producers, and artists in mostly electronic genres...but a few traditional instrument bands too...or the blessed mix of the two in bands such as Unkle, or the many productions of ex Curve member Dean Garcia.    Because of this, it touches me when I hear new sounds that I can only hear by being introduced to them.  Once again...the corporate free ness of Kboo has allowed a pure filtering of something unfettered by the lameness that profit interest brings to most ALL creative endeavors that it's tendrils choke the soul out of...


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