Who needs facts when you've got opinions?

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Tue, 07/13/2010

 Hosted by: Abe Proctor; (Joe Uris is on Vacation.)

Facts? Don't bother me with the facts. An article from the Boston Globe discusses the ramifications of a University of Michigan study which shows that reality has very little bearing on one's deeply held opinions, whether right or wrong. In fact (so to speak), the study suggests a perverse tendency to cling even more tightly to one's beliefs whenever reality proves to be inconvenient.

With Joe on vacation, Abe probes the murky waters where faith and fact overlap.


Oracle CEO compensation

The 7/27/10 Wall Street Journal reports that CEO Larry Ellison of the Oracle Corp. is the winner of the highest compensation award for total compensation for the last decade.  His total over the last 10 years is $1.84 billion.  And so it goes in our winner and loser system.


Tea Party Not "Racist"

I'm the Michael who called at the end of the show on 7/20. Here are links to what I mentioned:

Andrew Breitbart's offer of $100,000 to anyone providing an audio or video recording of black congressmen/women being called the N-word at a Washington DC rally. No one has taken him up on this offer to date. This is pretty good proof that it didn't happen, given the universal presence of recording devices in everyone's cell phone.

The story of Kenneth Gladney, a black tea party member, being beaten up by SEUI union thugs. This is the only instance of violence happening to a person of color at any Tea Party event. The NAACP response was to call Gladney a Negro and an Uncle Tom.

Shirley Sherrod  (USDA Georgia Head of Rural Development) at an NAACP banquet, describing how she (a black woman) chose not to help a farmer because he was white.

Tea Party fundamentally racist

 How interesting, Michael, that you refer to Breitbart and Sherrod in the same post, since it was Breitbart who selectively edited the video of Sherrod to give the false impression that you, naturally, took from Breitbart's video. This is the same Breitbart whose ACORN videos have been conclusively, irrefutably, exposed as fraudulent to an extent approaching felonious, yet you still think that anything even remotely connected with that twit bears the least credence. You are the perfect example of Mr Proctor's point in this week's show.

Incidentally, since you insist on full documentation of everything, do you have any documentation of Mr Gladney's alleged injuries? I won't hold my breath, since video of the incident shows Gladney up and about, walking normally and vigorously waving his arm far to flag down a cop. Unless someone selectively edited that part into the video.


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