What, No More Listener Guide?


What, no more listener guide?

Yes, dear members, as we have been announcing for the last few months, there will be no more printed Listener Guide beginning in April. This does not mean that we will cease communicating with members and doing outreach to new listeners - in fact, it may well provide us with more and better ways to do just that.

  • We will be creating a monthly flier promoting upcoming events, shows and specials, which will be distributed to coffee shops, clubs, restaurants and etc. all over town
  • We are also planning a quarterly newsletter to be sent out to members which will include info about the station, articles about programs and people at KBOO, art, poetry, and more!
  • For members who are online, we have this monthly e-bulletin that goes out on the first of the month. Also, more and more KBOO shows and hosts have been posting content online, both recordings of past shows and announcements of what's coming up, on the KBOO website: check often for updates!
  • Our Development Director Sun Lee is working on genre fliers and brochures to promote different aspects of KBOO programming - he'd love your contributions and involvement in the creation of the outreach materials. Come to the next Development Committee meeting on Monday April 3rd at 6 pm at KBOO, or email Sun at development@kboo.org (be sure to congratulate him on his brand new baby girl!).

As we are cutting costs at the station, we found that the monthly printed guide is a major expense (printing, paper, design and mailing), which is not covered by the revenue it brings in. So we decided to make the cut, but it actually creates a great opportunity for us to look into more and better ways to communicate with members and to promote the station to new people all over town (and beyond). We welcome your input into this process, either through the Development Committee or through involvement in the design and content of these new print and online materials.


Listener Guide.

I for one don't need the printed listener guide. I just turn on K.B.O.O. when I want to listen to the radio. More than likley I am going to be content with the sounds and words on,what ever the time and day. Its all good.

What is the revenue generated

What is the revenue generated from the listener's guide?  What is the generated amount from the fliers, the quarterly newsletter, e-bulletin, and genre literature?  Between the two options (Listener Guide vs. all else)---which has the public chosen?  What does the public have to say about a blend/hybrid of the two options, in lieu of "either/or"?

listener's guide revenue

Thanks for your comment.  In FY 2009 the Listener's Guide generated less than $6,000 in revenue.  While I don't have the exact figures in front of me, I believe it cost between $15-$20k to produce.

listener's guide revenue - follow-up

...with expenses and revenues factored in, the listener's guide was costing KBOO about $20,000 per year.

How is the revenue

How is the revenue calculated?

while there are no doubt many

while there are no doubt many ways of calculating the value of the listener's guide, in this case the revenue is based on the amount of display advertising sold during the fiscal year. 



the members don't count?

So, revenue brought in by happy members who like having the listener guide and are therefore willing to give financial support is not revenue?  Did kboo forget about serving the membership?  Is kboo worried that if it leaves the membership, the membership will leave kboo?

And....what exactly did the membership have to say about this?  Is the membership consulted in decisions which affect them?  Does the membership have the last word?  Who has the last word? 

Members are the heart & soul of KBOO

Not only is money brought in from members considered “revenue,” it accounts for almost 80% of KBOO’s annual budget!  That said, the Finance department does have separate line items for membership support and Listener’s Guide revenue.  This was a difficult decision, but ultimately it was determined that in these tumultuous economic times KBOO could not responsibly continue a $20,000 net loss per year.  As my colleague Dan already posted, we are working on materials that will hopefully serve much of the purpose of the listener’s guide without representing a prohibitive fiscal loss.

Let there be no doubt that the KBOO membership is the heart and soul of this organization.  In the January, February, and March listener’s guides, we solicited member input, and though it was not an easy decision, fiscal responsibility won the day.

We understand that members enjoy receiving mail from KBOO and we will be sending something out to members in June and then quarterly thereafter.  In the meantime, our monthly flier is available at various locations throughout Portland and the Willamette Valley.  We are in the process of creating a list of those locations for the website and until then you are welcome to contact Sun Lee, KBOO’s Development & Outreach Coordinator, for a list of those locations.  You can send email to development (at) kboo.org or call him directly at 503/231-8032.

All the best!



What no more membership guide?

I for one am sick and tired of all the people whining about the future without paper. Look, to print or not to print is not a listener preference issue -- the costs for dead tree media have gone through the roof, printing, paper, and just distribution alone (think: gasoline! U.S. Postal Service!) is one of the biggest $$ killers there. It doesn't matter if you really want filet mignon, it's not on the menu anymore. Same with dead trees. Let them live! And get off your $#% and find a computer and learn how to use one! You don't have to buy it!! Or better yet COME DOWN TO THE STATION!! Snap!

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