Life During Wartime playlist for 03/31/2010

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Life During Wartime
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Diskords – LDW

Hank IV – I’m quittin
Suicide Commandos – Premature
King Kahn and BBq – Zombies
King Louie – Negative Contact
Hot Snakes – Why Does it Hurt?
Groupo   Sub 1 – Aquella Noche En Nueva Caprica
Hanson Brothers – No Emotion
Hard Skin – Beer and Fags

Black Flag- my ghetto
No trend- fashion tips for the 80’s
Void- get out of my way
Septic death- control
DYS-insurance risk
Infest- cold inside
Double Negative- red shift
Crude- will understand in the future
Articles of faith- acceptance
Gastunk- the eyes

Poikkeus – Tulevaisuus
Anxiety – Epidemic Infection
Syndrome – Total Disarmament
Talk Is Poison – Lost
Omegas – Ravages Of Ages
Deathwish – Break the Chains
Peaceful Protest – Worthless Wars

Big Boys – Which Way to Go
Hul – Edelaeg Dig Selv
Otan – Barrotes
Anti-Cimex- daughters of pride

Wild Weekend

Face the Rail – Skate Thief
The Chemicals – Bubble City
Delay – Say Avenue
Arctic Flowers – Neon Tombs
Ludicra – In Fevers

Fermiza 10 – Suicido
Tuberculosis – Vacilada
Invasion – Sin Salida
Rayos X – Mi Desorden
Harum  Scarum – Fight inside of Me
Husker Du – From the Gut

Crass- walls
Killing Joke- complications
Christian Death- spiritual cramp
Manikin- blood monkey
Blitz- telecommunication

Armia – Saluto
Daily Void – Surprise Surprise
Tzn Xenna – Ciemny Pokoj
Underdogs – East Of Dachau
Dead Boys – Ain’t Nothin’ To Do



awesome show!! loved hearing

awesome show!! loved hearing the old school since I was part of "the movement" back in the 80's and saw several O.C. (does not stand for oregon city) bands back in the day and although it was not appealed by the masses as a such, it was a big part of my life..and is still!! thanks for making a difference and mattering!!


watching jack Grisham from TSOL swallowing a friends goldfish at a party was slighly interesting,



But "OC Life is not the life for me" REALLY applies to Oregon City, although if I could work in the civic elevator I may sing a different song...

New life after

man....great show!! I got here just about 7 months ago now ...Yes another Californiayte moving as of later in life. I must mention that I was and am still a person that is and has been to many shows,hung with "Punk clebs" in the 80's..and listening to your show reminisces something that remind me of home ( saw BF,dead kennedys,CH3,anrgy samoans,THE original vandals,,etc...even void,but once the Big boys came on....I was hooked in full throttle..Keep on raging full on! you can never play enough Nip Drivers,hanson bros,or victims family for that matter. I feel very fortunate to have such easy access to this (albeit I am not such a late night person any longer) and made it all the worth while for me..not like that in LA they took off "Indie"107fm  a little before I left for oregon and they had a pretty stardard routine althought they love to call themselves by this name! Just about the most unpunk thing they did was Have Joe escantente interviewing Lee Ving (FEAR) and whips into "have yourself a merry little christmas" before they went off the air...I am more thankful that you are allowed to plug the airwaves for a few moments a week without the corporate mess of Capital messes..what is really lost today...oh yeah and thanks for helping me speed up the process of  my art project!

Looking forward to more...




Welcome to Portland Will... I have somehow managed to LOSE my Nip Drivers but we will continue to have one foot in the past and one foot in the present vibrant international punk rock scene, and hopefully continue to help you create your art and not be too much of a distraction!


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