Philosophical differences between the "Native American New Ager"

There are some very basic philosophical differences between the Native
American New Age belief system and the beliefs of the American Indian and Ancestors

Inherited teachings of our ancestors / elders are being manipulated into an opposite form to meet the new agers illusionary beliefs which has become an instrumental system of interacting or interrelating as a incoherent entity. Because the differences between the American Indians life-ways and the Native American new agers systems, there is no way that there can be any merging of the two without the American Indian giving up their basic fundamental ways of life and adopting the others inconceivable beliefs. I think the question is and always has been, are the American Indians by identity, willing to give up their inherent rites that our ancestors taught or bequeathed us?  NO!  The new agers have never done a respectful job of representing our ancestors or their life ways.. They continuously take or outright steal the ceremonies and parts of the beliefs or practices that they choose without permission, and with very little knowledge of them, immediately claim ownership to them. They bastardize them and re-package them for sell to the public either for money and/or credibility. Eventually it all just equates to a silent genocide.

It is through our ancestors and life-ways of connectedness and relatedness that we have an understanding of wakan tanka and or a supreme being, that exists outside of ourselves, that we are a small but significant part of the creation and we are accountable of our behavior to all creation, especially that which gives and sustains life. We are not our own god or creator. New agers do not want to be held accountable to the Native community for their behavior.

The meanings of our ceremonies are have become lost on the new agers, they cannot see beyond perceived rituals. The wasi icun mentality has dismissed or killed their goD or Creator and have embraced a theory of evolution from something without intellect, without feeling, without meaning, leaving an emptiness, a stage of descent from a common ancestor; thus unconnected and unrelated causing one to seek and fill that void through alcohol and drugs  thus eventually leading to self-destruction or suicide. Our ceremonies are but one thing that these people have grabbed in order to fill that emptiness. But because their basic beliefs will not allow them to be accountable to themsselves, creation or a  Creator, they do not look for the meaning behind the ceremonies, and they only pick and choose portions which serves their own agendas. The heart of American Indian  survival has been our spiritual life-ways. The new agers carry out their own form of genocide against our people by stealing or depicting or portraying the American Indian while attempting to minimize or bastardize to destroying the power that is within the peoples. The Native American new ager has always given a wrong representation of our life-ways they trivialize them in an attempt to destroying their power.

There is no one Indian religion, as the new agers would have you believe, our life ways are community based, and the practices reflect the individual characteristics of the community and the individuals. True medicine people do not sell their knowledge for profit, it is to be shared freely with the people. As Indian peoples we listen to our elders for the wisdom we need, we do not go looking to take someone else's religion. As Indian peoples we understand that our very own life-ways were and are being circumvented, and outlawed by the very same enemy that now comes to dilute pollute and prostitute these life-ways by means that can again only equate to genocide. The American Indian has suffered genocide since the beginning of the invasion, that goal being to dominate the American Indian culture and life-ways, has been and still is destructive to the American Indian by genocide disguised as assimilation. This policy has not changed since the beginning of the invasion; it has also gone underground into the educational curriculum and legal legislation that abrogate treaty rites.

The native American New agers do not want to accept this part of what it is to be Indian. They do not want anything to upset their romanticized idea of what it is to be native. They instead want to write their pearls of wisdom or their Native American "Ten Commandments" intended for American Indian to live or assimilate in their disconnected and unrelated world of illusion.

Perhaps NA is really an abbreviation for "New Ager" then an abbreviation for Native American.

~ Lookinghawk

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Thanks for truth telling

I just want to thank all of the hosts of Matakuye Oyasin for the important work you do to bring food for thought to the minds of KBOO's listeners. 

Culture Vulturism is genocide, no matter how pretty it gets dressed up.


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