Meeting of the KBOO Board Of Directors, 2009/11/16

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors November 16, 2009


Board: Becky Chiao, Erin Brand, Marty Soehrman, Nia Lewis , Joe Azeveda, Genevieve Matthews, Mark Allyn, Louis Sowa, Judy Fiestal, Maire Cullen, Ivonne Rivero

Staff /Public: Arthur Davis, Keller Henry, Ani Haines, Tom Hood, John Mackey, Yvette, Alicia Olson, Paula Small, Chris Andre

Becky advised the board and public that the meeting is being recorded. It is hoped that an mp3 file will be put on the website of the board meetings.

Public Comments

Yvette commented that minutes from last meeting are “wrong”. She said that her statements were not accurately representative of the comments she made but did not offer specific corrections at this time.


Review of October Meeting Minutes

Maire wanted to have it noted that the minutes did not reflect Chris' rude comment to Michael.. She also objected to the way the minutes were written. Maire also said that she did not vote for Nia's appointment and the minutes reflect a unanimous vote. Other board members remember her voting for the appointment.

There was board consensus to table approving minutes until next meeting which would allow Maire to refer to her recording of the meeting.

Arthur recommended changing FCC regulation to federal regulation.


AFP Proposal-- Budget amendment to use French news wire service

Arthur: AFP has given us a month free but a contract needs to be signed. Kathleen and Jenka recommend newswire and internet component of the service plus local news service with the Portland Tribune. AFP has one year commitment. Arthur and programming staff recommends trying it for a year.

Marty was concerned about the lack of local coverage with AFP. Arthur indicated that was why we will work with the Portland Tribune for local stories. Our goal is for KBOO to generate much of these local stories as possible.

Nia requested more info on why the satellite component was not recommended. Arthur noted that it was dropped for budgetary reasons.

Maire expressed concern about taking local news from the Portland Tribune.

Programming staff recommends to sign up for one year with AFP and receive newswire and website support. Local news will be gotten from Portland Tribune. Cost of this option is $9600.

Board reached consensus to approve this plan.

Board Member Orientation--Policies and Procedures lead by Becky

Becky gave an overview of the bylaws and policies and what are our roles as board members. There was some discussion on whether to use consensus voting rather than Robert's rules. Genevieve commented that she prefers consensus because she believes it draws out more discussion. There was discussion on the timeliness of receiving materials in preparation for the meetings. Judy pointed out that ideally materials should be received a week ahead of time but this is not always possible. She also encouraged board members to read and respond to requests for comment to help improve meeting efficiency.

Marty suggested adding version numbers and/or dates emails that have multiple responses or versions.

There was discussion on best way to approach board member orientation and training. Ivonne recommends taking steps to further educate the board. She would be open to paid trainings

Judy does not know what it's worth, suggested using board meeting time to go over policies every month. Nia expressed concerns over budgetary limitations on paying for training. Maire suggested reading policies that relate to issues that are to be voted on at each meeting. Arthur observed that informal training have been perhaps more helpful than paid trainings.

Consensus was reached to incorporate board member education into meetings.

Louis suggests that all board members read the bylaws before the next meeting. The board agreed by consensus.

Year End Financial Report- Paula Small presented

Good news: expenses on budget for the year; $62,000 bequest put station over income budget; $450,000 available cash in bank

Bad news: $55,000 deficit this year; events were $14,000 short; membership income is trending down, legal fees $18,000 (Erin wanted to have it noted that this figure does not include staff and board hours spent dealing with the lawsuit)

Bottom line: deficits have increased but $450,000 is still available in cash. KBOO needs to increase income and/or decrease costs.

Scheduling--Social Activity with Staff in December

Board agrees on Dec 16 for board/staff activity. Back up dates are Dec. 9 th or 10th. Ani and Joe will coordinate and determine the nature of the event.


Vacant Seat Appointment-- tabled until next board meeting.

Review of Fall Membership Drive- there was a 22% shortfall of the goal for the fall pledge drive. Andrew is hoping that after the pledge drive letter will bring in more money. There is an increase of new members. Our average pledge drive has stayed stable. Arbitron reports 52,000 listeners. We should know more about the final stats on the drive next month.

Harassment Discrimination Policy

Policy #1 was drawn up to add general non-discrimination to the previously written sexual harassment policy. This was reviewed by the Personnel/Governance committee as well as an attorney who approved the language. This is specifically addressing HR issues at KBOO. Our conflict resolution policy #5 addresses conflicts among volunteers.

Policy #1 was approved with consensus by the board.


Board Liaison Role Policy

There was a discussion regarding the role of the liaison and rights of a board member in a committee. There were several amendments suggested and the personnel/governance committee needs to review and re-submit the policy.


Mark and Joe left the board meeting at 8:45.

Fiscal Sponsorship Motion

KBOO agrees to act as the fiscal sponsor for InterArts, Inc., for the purpose of receiving and disbursing grants and contributions for the 2010 No.Fest in Portland, OR. This will be the final year that KBOO will act as fiscal sponsor for InterArts and No.Fest.

This policy was approved with consensus by the board.

EAS Equipment--Request for equipment purchase to run our own Emergency Broadcast system announcements.

Board reached consensus to approve the purchase of the EAS equipment.

Programmer Letter- Programming staff will send a letter to programmers to stay on topic for their show. Programming staff should decide on-air decisions and this is not a discussion for the board. Maire was not in agreement with this position. She may make a suggested motion concerning this issue at a future board meeting.


Maire will check recording to determine how she voted on Nia's appointment to the board.

Board members will read bylaws.

Mark will bring board liaison policy to governance/personnel committee to make changes.

Nia will look for food sign up list to see who is bringing food to the next meeting.


Future Agenda Items for December Meeting

Deficit trend report from Debbie

Dalle's frequency opening

Bylaws review by board members

Board liaison policy


Meeting adjourned at 9pm.


Closed Session

Letter from Station Manager

Board appointment





KBOO wants to maintain a working environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment, whether based upon race, color, religion, ancestry, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, veteran status, physical and mental disabilities, on-the-job injuries, gender or sex. Such conduct is unacceptable at KBOO, whether it originates from managers, staff, coworkers, volunteers, members, or vendors.


While KBOO strives to maintain an informal environment, comments about social categories such as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or disability status that may be intended as jokes or casual observations can cause some people to feel unwelcome and may create a hostile environment. All KBOO community members must strive to be sensitive to the reactions of others and responsible for informing someone if their language or behavior is offensive.


This policy specifically expands upon sexual harassment because people interact on many levels at the radio station, including engaging in consensual personal relationships and boundaries need to be established. Sexual harassment includes two different types of behavior 1) those that are always unacceptable: verbal abuse of a sexual nature, graphic verbal comments about a person's body, sexually degrading words used to describe an individual, the display in the workplace of sexually suggestive objects or pictures or any threat or insinuation, either explicitly or implicitly, that a person's refusal to submit to sexual advances will adversely affect that person's employment, evaluation, wages, advancement, duties, shifts, or any other condition of employment or career development, whether as staff or volunteer and 2) behaviors such as sexual flirtations, physical touching, sexual advances and propositions that can create a hostile environment if they are unwanted. Communication is key to understanding whether behavior is welcome or unwelcome.




Violations of this policy should be immediately reported to the Volunteer Coordinator, Station Manager, or the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. See Policy 5: Conflict Resolution and KBOO House Rules for details on process. Any paid employee with knowledge of discrimination or harassment has an obligation to make such a report. Supervisors and managers are responsible for making other employees and volunteers aware of this policy and for promptly investigating all complaints and taking appropriate actions if a violation of this policy is found to have occurred. No employee or volunteer will be retaliated against for bringing a question, complaint, or grievance to the management’s attention.


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