Three Cautionary Tales of Power

Ubu Hour
program date: 
Mon, 01/04/2010

Viv Ubu narrates only two different tales of abuse of power.. from the local to the national... (please note that part of this show has been deleted for reasons which may or may not be divulged in The Ubu Hour in the distant future.) 


The Purpose of the Ubu Hour

As a fan of the Ubu Hour, I'm biased. That I'll state first & foremost.

However, I want to say that I was honoured to be able to hear the undeleted "Three Cautionary Tales of Power", because I always eagerly await the next tale or 2 ... or what should've been 3.

As always, the Ubu Hour team of elves, faeries and gnomes (yes, they can work together on occasion) delivered tongue-in-cheek satire. The redundancy of tongue-in-cheek and satire is relevant.

I think there are people who may be unfamiliar with satire or surrealism. They may not understand the creators' visions for their pieces nor of the listenership's reasons for, well, listening.

If I wanted censorship of theatre - radio or otherwise - I'd watch any number of shows on the telly. However, I tune to the Ubu Hour and other segments of radio theatre on KBOO to be inspired.

In particular, the Ubu Hour takes a morsel of any theme and creates pieces of art. Art, by its very definition, is subjective. How can anyone object to that which takes in the a wide array of viewpoints?

How can anyone say what is right or wrong? Certainly, artists have critics, but the most critical are usually those within that community.

If someone with a proper understanding of satire had an objection to any piece of the Ubu Hour, past, present or future, then perhaps that person should remember the purpose of the Ubu Hour, to bring "(e)xperimental radio theater with dada/surreal elements...".

The purpose of surrealism is to play with the imagined and the real and dance among the blurred line between them. If someone cannot separate fact from fiction and appreciate the art then, again, that person(s) should re-examine his/her/their understanding of the concepts.

Satire is based in irony and sarcasm and was developed to even the playing field of power dynamics and classism. I think that's also the reason why there's a KBOO.

Thank you to the Ubu Hour elves, faeries and gnomes for bringing us reasons to think & making others question why they should think ... more.


this is the best!

This is the best we have ever heard on KBOO!  Could we replay this, dropping the first and third tale?

this is an excellent episode

and should be classified as "the best of KBOO" with special thanks to the station manager and board of directors for making it possible.

... and should be classified as "the best of KBOO"

Brilliant idea!

great show!

thanks so much - wonderful satire and very entertaining!


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