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Tue, 12/08/2009 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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As the Copenhagen talks begin, Abe and Joe talk climate change.

As the Copenhagen climate conference gets under way, the lack of commitment from the United States to taking any concrete steps toward abating climate change looms large. To mark the momentous tasks ahead, 56 newspapers from 45 countries took the unprecedented step of publishing a "world editorial" calling on the developed world to do what must be done to reverse the ravages of the industrial age. With editorial in hand, Abe and Joe talk to listeners about steps both large and small that can be taken to address climate change.


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If you want to look more into the science of the issue, especially for you sceptics out there, I encourage you to tune in this Friday for The Digital Divide show, where we will be examining this more closely.

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Climate change deniers

Abe & Joe,

It was very frustrating yesterday to hear those few climate change deniers *wasting* damn precious time! Those idiots live  in a corporate/reactionary fantasyland. They're worldview was out-of-date like back even before Kyoto 1997! I know yours is a talk show with comments from listeners. And one should hear opposing views. But it seems that some of these callers are just trying to block real discussion of serious events. As I listened to your show, I looked at the Guardian UK website and saw the news that African & other developing countries at the UN meeting in Copenhagen were furious about the rich countries' coming out with an umdemocratic, unfair, unworkable sneak attack proposal. Yes, you did mention the news editorial by 56 world newspapers (pathetically, only one in the US! : Miami Herald) addressing the seriousness of this issue. And yes, you both adamantly stated that climate change is a fact, not a theory. I just with sometimes there was a way to move the show along instead of these right wing lunatics hemming and hawing and taking up time with their pitiful nonsense.

Critical Thinking and Global Warming

Joe and Abe

Thank you for allowing me to challenge the premise of todays discussion on Global Warming.  As you know, radicalism requires the close examination of commonly held beliefs.  It is in this spirit that I am leaving the following links and discussion.  I hope you will show me the honor of responding directly to the subjects being brought up.

There is evidence that the globe is cooling, that Global Warming predictions are not coming true, as well there are alternative theories to the mechanism of actual climate changes.


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NPR reports on a NASA finding that shows that ". . .the oceans have not warmed up at all over the past four or five years . . ."  


Ryan N. Maue's Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Activity Updat  From Florida State University,   "Global and Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Activity remains near 30-year historical lows -- three years in a row now of considerably below-average activity globally"


The Sun Defines the Climate - an essay from Russia is an article about a scientist from Russia who postulates that the activity of the sun better predicts  Global Climate than CO2 concentration.  His name is Habibullo Abdussamatov, Dr. Sc., and is the Head of Space research laboratory of the Pulkovo Observatory, and the head of the Russian/Ukrainian joint project Astrometria


Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says


MIT researcher finds evidence of global warming on Neptune's largest moon




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Impacting climate change


Hi Abe and Joe,

Interesting show today, but very sad to see so many auditors challenging the reality of global warning. Here are two ideas which I think could have a very positive impact on consumption and emmissions:

1/ Limit/Ban advertisement

2/ Promote/Enfore relocalisation of production

This won't solve all our problems but would set us on the right tracks.

Keep going,



global warming and obama

on global warming..

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and on obama....

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