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Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2009/09/21

Monday September 21, 2009

Board Members Present:
Judy Fiestal—President
Becky Chiao
Louis Sowa
Erin Brand
Mark Allyn
Marty Soehrman
Joe Azevedo
Ivonne Rivero
Paula Small
Nia Lewis - note taker

Genevieve Mathews
jamilah bourdon

Staff and Public Attendees:

Debbie Rabidue
Sun Lee
John Mackey
Ani Haines
Chris Merrick
Lyn Moelich
Cherie Black Feather
Grace Hague
Tom Hood
Andrew Geller

Louis brought food. Thank you Louis! ;~)

Meeting Called to Order at 6:08 --we started with introductions and check-in

We did a check-in.  This will be the last board meeting with this current board.

The staff and volunteers introduced themselves. Ani reminded us all to sign up for our Membership Drive shifts… which start in ten days!

Public Comments—Judy has been attacked by volunteers who have made false accusations against her. She feels it's important that people at the station should raise the standard to treat each other well and not spread rumors. KBOO has had quite a number of board members who have resigned this year. It is important that the station gives support to board members so they can do the best for the station.

26 Retirement Policy proposal –

The proposal includes a change in wording from the Finance Committee, presented by Paula. The proposal passed with unanimous support.

Development update –

Book and record sale – the sale netted about the same amount of money as in the past. Donations were down, but it is a common trend across the community due to Craigslist, the economy, etc. Becky had an idea to get on the list at Catlin Gable, and other places, to get their donated books and records. Ani said overall there was about half the hassle and half the money, but Sun did a great job. Expenses were down about 4/5ths.

Capital Campaign – Jim, the fundraising consultant, thinks if Sun can get 4-5 people into the $2000 donor range, his position will be a success, and Sun has similar goals overall.

David Barsamian Event – is available for KBOO invitees. This is KBOO’s first house party with a goal of $2,000. It takes place on 10/1. The event will include a Q & A session between the guests and David.

Raffle – request to Azumano Travel for a week’s vacation for two to a tropical destination. KBOO has not worked with Azumano previously.

Youth Collective – Possible approach to parents, writing grants, maybe an on-line video to fundraise for the position.

Car Donations – Sun has received more car donations than previous staff.

Server Proposal – John Mackey met with the Engineering committee, and agreed on going with the suggestion from Jeff Lovell, and they recommend the board approve the proposal. The server will cost around $11,600. All the hardware will reside in KBOO’s building. We will also be purchasing a Warranty, so it will be good for at least three years. John thinks it should be operational within a couple of months. The proposal passed with unanimous board approval.

Air-room upgrades – Joe was curious as to when and how that is going to be executed. He volunteered to be a liaison on that project.

Budget review – Debbie gave a report on the budget. She was curious as to the board’s stance on the new Development budget. Sun will be taking a training course and will be more active in soliciting donations. Most of the $10,000 promotional advertising is for a campaign – but it’s an insufficient amount to effectively advertise, so if they don’t have enough money, they just don’t use it. Also, Justin has an approximate $5,000 range for trades with The Skanner, (which is not in the budget). There will be ongoing endeavors throughout the fiscal year that the finance committee and staff will be working on to reduce expenses and increase revenue. All line items for expenses and income were reviewed and discussed.

The Operating budget will have a $7700 deficit and passed with unanimous board approval. (Add as attachment.)
The board acknowledged the Auxiliary budget.

Finance Committee recommendations to the board for fiscal year 2010:
Look at staff wage structure, and adapt to a livable wage.
Debbie suggested both Finance Committee and the board look at revenue potential, so that staff wages can be supported.
Payment of FY09 staff bonus at a percentage equal to the deficit percentage, which was under the budgeted deficit. Amount recommended: $10,000.
Approval of FY10 Operating Budget.
Consideration of a strategic planning consultant, in conjunction with Auxiliary Budget review, (pending amount on aux. budget of $20K), for marketing and promotions.

The board unanimously passed the proposal to issue the staff bonus totaling $10,000 for FY09, based on months worked. Andrew inquired about whether or not Toni would get a bonus. The board discussed both Toni and Mel getting a bonus, as they were employed this year. In the past, ex-employees (those not employed with KBOO at the time of consideration), have not been given a bonus. Debbie suggested selecting a bulk amount of money to go to the finance committee to allocate for staff bonuses.

Becky proposed that we amend the bonus amount to $11,000 total be distributed for staff bonuses to include Toni and Mel at prorated amounts for the months they worked. And the disbursement of funds will be made by the Finance Coordinator, and the appropriate amounts at her discretion, based on previous bonus pay-outs. The board unanimously passed this proposal.

Board Liaison Role – Discussion tabled to the next meeting, because Mark had to leave.

Follow-up with Toni’s layoff – Executive committee has met twice since the last board meeting. The letter regarding Toni’s dismissal has been posted in the hallway, and on the website.

The Personnel committee met, and in response to Toni’s termination, recommends to the board:
That they request that Arthur Davis make a plan of correction within two months of his return (October 1st), that includes:
Identifying factors which contributed to the situation
Making proposals for change to alleviate any specific or systemic barriers to success;
That the board review these proposals within three months of Arthur Davis’ return, and again at six and twelve months to track progress, and
Affirm the understanding that any policy or job description changes shall not be effectuated without prior review by staff and all relevant committees.

The board never discussed how the Outreach position would be eliminated. The board had not acted on anything. Joe clarified how events went down at the board’s finance retreat. Marty stated that it was like a trigger set in motion, and the board needs to be aware of what actions are being supported and the events that will likely result from those decisions. and the board needs to know what events they are actually putting into place. (not sure what this means.)

Judy presented the note to send to Toni which the board agreed was appropriate.

Discussion Comments: Ani inquired about what other staffing reconfigurations the board was discussing, because there are staff members nervous about their jobs being on the line. Arthur acted without board approval. Judy stated that these reconfigurations were not brought up by board, or Arthur alone, but also by other staff members. Paula stated that this is a slippery slope, and there are so many unknowns, that it wouldn’t be fair to discuss it now. Both Judy and Paula suggested tabling this discussion until Arthur gets back. Ani wants commitment that the discussion will in fact take place! Chris stated that Arthur probably acted thinking he had board approval to lay off Toni. However, his action preceded any official action from the board. Joe suggested adding in a recommendation from the personnel committee to get a statement down to comfort the staff. Erin stated that a frank and transparent discussion about staffing configurations is necessary. Ani wasn’t expecting an answer tonight, but would like one by next month. Grace stated that the board (Exec. Committee especially), needs to supervise Arthur better. John stated that Becky had reminded Arthur to go to the personnel committee before Toni’s layoff, and he blatantly disregarded process. Louis stated that the retreat was not a board meeting, thus decisions could not be made at that time.

Election and Membership meeting update-

State of the station address will be given by Judy.

Ani will facilitate the meeting, and membership Q&A.

Chris suggested that members do not give statements at the meeting, so that it can be a social and enjoyable event, as opposed to a lobbying event. Becky mentioned that candidates have already been informed that they will have an opportunity to speak. She also stated that as candidates, they should get the opportunity to speak. Candidates will be allowed to speak for a maximum of two minutes only!

Judy inquired about what to say in her address. Becky suggested that she focus on the budget and membership – which Erin seconded as our fiduciary responsibility.

The nominating committee will take charge in putting together the transition for the new board members, after the election.

Erin will be at the venue all afternoon, Becky will help with setting up.

The election blog was posted, there are improvements that can be made for next year.

On-air discussion of lawsuit –a Programmer’s breach of etiquette.

Chris would like to propose the following possible resolution: The board directs the programming staff to suspend any programmer who talks about the lawsuit on air without express permission from the programming staff. The suspension of the programmer will continue until the lawsuit is resolved and our attorney gives permission for such discussion to take place.

Paula stated that it’s newsworthy, but Chris said it was on a music show at midnight. Becky said there’s a difference between discussing the lawsuit and discussing the election. Lynn stated that in this case, the programmer specifically stated that they were on air to discuss the lawsuit. Joe inquired as to whether or not the programmers had been instructed not to discuss the lawsuit. Ani said she disagrees with gag orders, on principle, at community radio stations.

There was nothing found in the board packet about suspending programmers for discussing such sensitive information. Becky suggests implementing a policy that limits discussion on certain categories based on programming permission. Erin suggested Chris monitor the program checks, especially right before the election. Becky stated that the Board should be the only ones with the confidential information pertaining to the lawsuit. Erin proposed the acting station manager/program director, does an air check to investigate policy breach, to determine if there were potential disparaging on-air content to KBOO.

The board supports Chris in following the existing policy procedure, not in a blanket gag order. Chris will follow-up with the air-check.

Manager Report – Chris
Hood River translator approved by FCC
Dalles translator approved by FCC to move to a new location
Pendleton license is waiting FCC approval for FM license by October
Health Insurance- Exec. Cmte. Approved new Kaiser health plan
Staff switched from Gaurdian to Lincoln Dental
Board Ownership Report – FCC Form 323 for new board members, due 9/30/09
EEO Report- FCC requires we track the process of notification for jobs

July and August board meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

Commitments reviewed from previous board meeting.

Public Meeting adjourned at 10:17 pm.

We entered into a closed session at 10:30 pm. 
The topic discussed was a lawsuit update and the content of a letter of reprimand for Arthur.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 pm.



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