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Thu, 10/29/2009 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Is it time to go fire your bank?

At a time when corporations are handing pink slips to innocent individuals, some Portlanders think its time to hand pink slips to the institutions that are culpable. Go Fire Your Bank was created by concerned citizens who believe in local, socially-responsible economies. These Portland-baseed activists are encouraging people to remove their money from big corporate banks and put it into local banks or credit unions, with the idea that a local institution will be more accountable to the community and circulate the money in the local economy.

Jo Ann and Dave talk with Dave Smith, one of the founding members of Go Fire Your Bank, about his organization's efforts to educate Portlanders about the impacts corporate banking is having on our economy and ways in which people can regain control.

Also this week, Jo Ann will talk about her recent experiences as a grassroots activist in the People's Republic of China. Earlier this month, she participated in an international program to engage local Chinese activists and officials in the role of community activism in building a more inclusive society.

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Fire Your Bank

From JOhn in NorthEast portland

 I appreciate what your guest is trying to do but it reminds me of the church syndrome.

Meaning: Instead of a community of churches coming together to lower the overhead independent ministers basically trying to carve out a living (because they have to make a living) keep opening their own churches.

It is a waste and  it fractionalizes the community.

There are organizations already out tthere in the pursuit of doing exactly what your guest is talking about.

For instance: The ZeitGeist movement,  The phionex Project

THese groups need to get larger, they need more members and they are global.


THe fractional banking system is going to fail and another way of conducting trade needs to be established now and even if it is only to make people aware on the level of conversation.  The more the conversation the more the fantasy, the reality follows in short.


They already promote the idea of boycotting the big banks and have been doing so for quite some time.

I am not saying that these organizations are the way or the light, but they do raise a more enlightened way of asking the real questions.  

We have had rings in our noses for to long and the roots and fabric of who we think we are is very tainted.

We need to start anew (if that is really a word??) First fantasy, then reality, it seems to be our way.

More independant organizations is not the way it takes away from the validity of all who endeavor.

All of these groups need to put their heads together in one place, then maybe we could even make it happen in our lifetime.  


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