Making the case to recall Mayor Sam Adams

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Thu, 09/03/2009

Volunteers with the campaign to recall Mayor Sam Adams have a little over a month left to collect the 32,183 valid signatures from Portland voters needed to force the Portland mayor to resign or face a special recall election. Campaign organizers have told the press it will be close but support is growing. The campaign - sparked by revelations by Adams that he had lied about his relationship with one of his interns - has brought together strange political bedfellows - from former Adams supporters to extreme conservatives - as well as made Portlanders reflect on how we should judge our elected officials.

Jo Ann and Dave talk with campaign organizer Jasun Wurster about the campaign's chances of success and who has joined the ranks of Portlanders who think the mayor must go. Do you think the mayor's actions warrant his removal? Does focusing on recalling the mayor prevent Portlanders from addressing bigger problems facing our city?


get the facts straight

Mayor Adams did not have a relationship with one of his interns. Mr. Breedlove was working for the state legislature in Salem when he met Commissioner Adams, who was working for the City of Portland, and they lived in different cities and worked for different entities when they entered into a relationship.

Adams behavior

I agree that it is important to get the facts straight.  I do not live in PDX, but remain disturbed by the fact that from news reports an adult hustled an underage individual for sexual favors, but waited that individual was "of age" before going ahead.  Regardless of the sexual orientation involved, it comes across as an adult taking predatory sexual liberties with a minor.    This behavior is just plain wrong.   Do PDX'ers want this kind of decision maker leading their city hall parade?  If you tolerate this behavior at that high level, does that imply you give consent for other adults to indulge in this?   If this is how this guy does business, do you really want to trust him?   Is this the image that you wish to portray to the world?

Oh please...

the age of consent is a wholly arbitrary boundary, placed by some social consensus at a point which is a compromise between

  1. the fundamental human right to intercourse with one's choice of consenting partner
  2. the social desire to protect a reasonably high fraction of young people from choices and pressures they are not yet equipped to cope with effectively

in my birthplace, the age of consent is 16. 

and like everyone else, I know plenty of:

  • more-than-adequately mature 16 & 17 year-olds
    • I outgrew my virginity at 17
    • several of my contemporaries did so at 16
    • I also know for a fact that one did the deed at 15
    • ...and none of these people show signs of having been damaged by their experiences. (now we're all approaching our 50s, it's not too early to make that assessment)
  • seriously immature 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24+ year-olds
    • e.g. Britney Spears (who became a mother at 24)
    • I won't labor the point

regardless of your apparent squeamishness, people can legally AND properly have any relationship whatsoever before both partners reach the local age of consent -- as long as it isn't sexually consummated.

they can then start bonking the next damn minute and second they are both past this arbitrary limit, and it's perfectly legitimate; it is fully sanctioned by society because they are both judged -- from that moment -- to be able to give considered, meaningful consent...

...whether you approve or not.

get over yourself.

Portlanders Accept Peoples Private lives

THe reason why Adams will not be recalled is that citizens really are tired of the media getting involved in peoples personal lives.  Did Adams do something illegal with city funds? Adams is a product of years of being a politican who just did not answer the question about his personal life correctly. He should have said, it has nothing to do with my ability to do my job. The situation had nothing to do with his office as this intern did not work for him.

The real story is about how gay people bash other gay people and how a rich guy underminded Adams relationships with his colleagues. Has anyone done a story on Robert Ball when he was a police officer sleeping with minors? No, their has been no press or investigation of his dirty hands.

Portlanders want to rise above the conservative movement in society whose homophobia was silent during the election. It is unfortunate this whole thing has happened but I think most people just want to move on to more important issues.

Not a Good Queer




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