Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2009/08/26- Executive Committee

Board Members Present: Judy Fiestal- Board President, Erin Brand- Board Member at Large, Paula Small- Board Treasurer, Nia Lewis – note taker and Board Secretary
Staff and other Attendees: Ani Haines, Grace Hague, Lyn Moelich
Meeting Called to Order at 7:05 --we started with creating an Agenda and check-in
1-      Communication regarding Toni’s dismissal
2-      Considering a letter of Reprimand for station manager
All things considered, people are doing fairly well.
People were handed copies of a Draft Proposal for Communication to Membership, to read over and discuss.
    Toni’s still a part of KBOO Community as a volunteer
    Agreement on making it as transparent as possible
    Move board resolutions to a separate page
Ani’s comments: Lingering questions in second paragraph, which leads to more questions than answers. It’s not a loss of the job, but the action and abruptness that was taken. Likes the changes to the letter. Wants to see more filling in of the details. (Personally looking for a thorough self-analysis, and a commitment to filling those holes, from the board and station manager. And a forthcoming statement/disclosure as to where the process went wrong. That would help with the healing process, so that certainty of this not happening in the future would be there.)
Check wording of third paragraph, last sentence – station manager and clear path not necessarily following process. Staffing discussion should involve the staff, and it didn’t this time.
Grace’s comments: Limit passive voice. Have actual apology at the beginning. It needs to be more crisp overall. Third paragraph – we have a collegial environment, but not at the expense of accountability.
Great start and great letter, but doesn’t address Arthur’s behavior – she would write a different letter that wouldn’t seem like it’s just covering something up. Appreciates Board stance, and is considering getting some volunteers together to draft a letter regarding action surrounding the station manager.
Board’s comments: We want to follow process and communicate to community. The board supports Arthur being station manager. Talk to Marc about having a station forum. Staff can post the volunteers’ statement. There was a discussion about the respectful way the board could address Toni. Ani responded that a letter from the board replying to Toni’s letter would probably be the most respectful response.
Send final letter out to the boxes, and to Ani so she can inform volunteers.
2. Considering Letter of Reprimand
Grace’s comments: Mixed feelings as to its effectiveness. Would like to see something more – like a training (unlikely). Clear that KBOO is an open and collegial environment, but still maintains accountability.
 Ani’s comments: The wording of the letter is significant. Re-read the policies and see where Arthur went off course. Also, practice self-accountability and look at the Board’s role. Collegiality and cooperation don’t mean you can’t hold people accountable. It’s a part of her reality as Volunteer Coordinator – it’s a part of it all.
Meeting closed to the public at 7:39. Meeting re-opened at 8:07pm
    Erin will re-type proposal for communication to membership to be done by Friday to be put in people’s boxes.
    Letter in response to Toni’s letter – Erin will give Toni her official Board response at her exit interview (with Becky, Erin, and Yvonne). Erin already sent Toni the template of the exit interview to fill out, so the in-person exit interview will be more of a discussion.
    Executive Committee will do a re-write and wait until Friday morning for feedback from the Board. It will be sent to board and staff, posted on the board, (and on the web under governance – by Judy).
    Based on responses from an interview with station manager, and Toni’s exit interview, the Executive Committee will draft a Letter of Reprimand for Arthur Davis.
If volunteers want to write a letter, they should bring it to the next Board meeting to be printed with the minutes.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:17 pm.


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