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Bridget B. here, and several people have discovered and commented on how I spend a little time preparing for my chance to host An Evening of Afrotainment.  Okay, more than a little time. Yes! I spend anywhere from 4-8 hours preparing for the show over the course of two weeks.  Why?  Because I'm still learning and everyone who sits in that chair, in my personal opinion, to deliver music or any kind of message should be prepared to the best of their training and our given ability.  Sure, I make mistakes as a human being :), but the biggest mistake that I make is thinking that people aren't really listening on a Saturday night between 7 and 10pm.  Come on, who's listening to the radio during that time, the dog?  Well, yes, the dog is listening according to one listener who wrote to tell me the dog was dancing to some of the music I was playing, and just this past Saturday (August 29) I got a call from Saturn.  Saturn's leader, or the driver of the space ship, stated that Saturn was pleased with my musical selections and I thanked him/her/it for his/her/its/their warm comments. 

So, where am I going with all this?  Oh, right.  THERE'S ALWAYS SOMEONE LISTENING! Especially when you're giving away tickets, but better confirmation still is when you play a song that speaks to people.  And that's what I'm striving for in all my prep work; that one song that several people pick-up on, or that resonates with them enough to call, inquire or even go so far to purchase the song via ITunes and tell you about it later; as reported by one of my East Coast listeners.

The song that captured folks attention was Les Niger by Kora off the African Chill compilation, CD #3.  It's an import and one of many compilations put out by Apace Music.  So, if you think that I'm just throwin' stuff together without any purpose, think again.  I'm programming music that impacts you, that in itself is worth becoming a member of KBOO.  I'm only one of many programmers that put purpose behind the delivery.

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