Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2009/03/23



Monday March 23, 2009

Board Members Present: 
Becky Chiao 
Anthony Petchel

Joe Azevedo

Erin Brand

Judy Fiestal

Eric Robinson

Genevieve Mathews

Mark Allyn

jamilah bourdon 


Ivonne Rivero 

jamilah brought food 

Staff and Public Attendees:

Ivan Green

John Mackey


Meeting Called to order at 6:08 pm 

Introductions—check-in,  Eric has given his 2 weeks notice at work,  Judy is expecting a grandchild pretty soon,  Mark talked to someone at Intel about the Blues Festival. 

Public Comment—Ivan said that his EFT wasn’t debited from his account this month. 

John said that from time to time there are morale problems in Engineering.  One example of this is when Engineering reserves a room but someone else uses it during the time that they reserved the room which has happened several times over the years. Another example is when people come into the engineering room—John encourages the engineering volunteers to greet people in a friendly way, but sometimes people come into the room and are impolite.  He wonders why nothing happens to the people who attack others.  Judy responded that this might not be something for the board to deal with.  John mentioned that they are doing mediation, Judy said that is good. 

Reviewed the Agenda 

Reviewed of Confirmations from Last Meeting

Judy reported on the ways in which the decisions regarding Scott and Michael have been disseminated. 

Becky said that she forgot her commitment to inform Mort of our decision to affirm the CRC decision.  Erin reminded her and she sent Mort and email which then prompted his email to the board.   

Finance Committee hiring decision committee meets Friday. 

Decision making process proposal will be considered in April—we are supposed to introduce it at committees. 

D/O insurance.  We have a quote from our agent.  There is a group rate available via NFCB and Arthur is going to look into that.   

Louis contacted Mike Brown who is working on the Pendleton/Oremus deal.  Arthur spoke with Mike who gave us a figure for buying out Oremus.  Pendleton has some money to start some of the paperwork.  Gary and Ben in Pendleton are doing the right things and are ready to go.  We’re going to ask Oremus for 30 days to let the local group raise money. 

Eric had volunteered to work on recruiting new board members.  He is going to ask us to fill out the board member profile form (again perhaps).  He’s going to try to have candidates for vacant board seats by the next meeting.  He would like help recruiting people.  Joe said that he would help by doing a cart.   

Jamilah reminded us that she is going to resign from the board after the end of this year.  Eric will leave the board in September he wants to hand off things to the nominating committee which is Joe, Genevieve, Erin and Becky.  Becky said the nominating committee will concentrate on recruiting people for the election in September.  Anthony is resigning tonight and we have Scott’s place to fill.  Mark is considering resigning.  So we will have at least two open spots to fill by appointment. 

Erin got a card for Melissa to thank her for her help. 

Committee Roles and Responsibilities 

Judy handed out a form to have committees fill out and Program committee task break-down from two years ago as an example.  Erin volunteered to come to any committee to help them go through this form if it would be helpful.  Judy said that the form is one of the attachments to the email she sent with attachments.  She will send out another email and Erin said she’d help to collate the responses.  She said the Willamette KBOO workgroup might want to do the form also even though it’s not a committee.  Genevieve asked about the history of the workgroup, Judy suggested that Ani might be knowledgeable.  Judy talked about the fact that we heard about a meeting happening tonight under the auspices of the Willamette KBOO workgroup called with Scott F. and Michael P.  

Privacy Policy—Judy is working on it, she asked for volunteers to help, Erin and Arthur volunteered. 

Report on Marilyn Pittman Trainings—120 volunteers were trained about improving programming.  This project was funded as part of a grant.  The project was a big undertaking for the staff from getting the grant to putting on the trainers.  There was some excellent feedback and suggestions for improvement from participants.  Many people said that it was very helpful.  There was also an emotional component for volunteer programmers to look at their own performance, which we appreciate.   It was a requirement for programmers, but not as mandatory as pledge drive shifts.  (There are 180 on-air volunteers total.)   The next step is listening groups, having people listen to air checks (recordings of shows) together in groups.  There will be formal reviews of shows by the programming staff in the fall. 

Break to eat—Thanks to jamilah— 

Management models—Becky gave a report to the board about the work of the personnel committee.  The committee asked other boards what their work was in terms of dealing with other committees.  Does the board want the personnel committee to come up with a structure for change. What are the goals?  The policy direction has to come from the board and not the personnel committee.  SWOT—(Strengths, weaknesses, Obstacles, Threats):  What is the organizational structure of the station? 


-Dedicated Staff

-Few organizational levels; comparatively flat

-Volunteers and staff- low cost- high value for the dollar


-Open communication

-diversity of opinion & everything else

-Staff and volunteer longevity and history

-Committed volunteers

-institutional knowledge


-We get buy-in acceptance for new ideas; proposals- leads toward consensus 


-Too much on station manager: only one level of management hierarchy

-Frustration with conflict resolution

-Difficult to get expertise in certain areas

-Vulnerable to individuals due to openness

-Unclear decision-making authority between staff and manager

-Not enough time to work with departments/individuals

-A lot of time in meetings

-Timeliness/efficiency not always achieved

-Efficiency (i.e. CRC response)

-High board turnover

-resistance to change

-Unclear criteria for decision making

-Inconsistent; out-of date policies pitched together

-Low budget: operating deficit


-Outsider thinking (opposed to everything)


-Board has not set clear goals

-Lack of mission statement 

Internal weaknesses v. external weaknesses: this is an issue. 

Opportunities:  What resources do we have outside the board and staff to improve the organizational structure?  Could we get CPB to do an assessment of the organizational structure? 

-National CPB resources/NFCB

-TACS- local assistance for non-profits

-HR consultant groups

-Potential new board talent

-Expanding member base by translators

-Internet: use of radio

-Experience of other similar organizations

-bad economy: more competition for jobs- more time for volunteers- more volunteers

(If mission statement is appealing to the ‘world at large’ then we may get more listeners).  Arthur said that this specific SWOT may not lend itself to more outside opportunities. 

Threats: The outside world’s perception of the station

-Litigation-Competition with other radio and internet

-Competition with other employers

-Increasing expenses

-image: reputation regarding KBOO


   -not reliable, content-wise


-Federal regulations  

What are the three key things here which should be addressed? 

-Too much on station manager

-Unclear decision-making

-High board turnover 

How do we go on with the process for recommending changes?  Could there be a board work group, or do we keep discussing it in meetings? 

Judy proposed there be a work group.  Eric, Becky, Judy and Genevieve will be in this work group.  Becky will chair the work group.   

Retirement Benefits Policy—currently the policy is to contribute 3% of salary, but there are also bonuses and commissions, we’ve had a problem working with our payroll company getting the retirement money into the accounts.  The payroll people are good, but the retirement side of the operation is separate.  The amounts have been off.  The computers at the payroll company can’t calculate 3% of the base pay separate from the other compensation.  We have to make the contribution based on 3% of total compensation for this year.  The Finance Committee suggests making that change a permanent one.   

Motion:  In order to simplify accounting and in order to comply with requirements of our current retirement provider, the KBOO retirement contribution for eligible employees shall be changed from “3% of base salary” to “3% of compensation (compensation defined as W-2 compensation plus elective deferrals such as 401(k).”  This change shall be effective as of August 31st 2008. 

The motion was adopted by full consensus. 

Board skill matrix form filling out 

Consent Agenda: 

Anthony had a questions about our leave policy and wanted the Personnel Committee to make sure that our polices comply with OFLA/FMLA—do temp employees qualify for FMLA time off. 


KBOO Board approves minutes from February 19 and 23 

Web coordinator Job Description Change

Approve revised Web Coordinator job description 

Signers for Safe Deposit Box

The new signers of the safe deposit box rented at Keybank are Arthur Davis, Chris Merrick and Judy Fiestal 

Development Director job description change

Remove the Membership Assistance position and approve the Interim Development Director job description, which will be filled by Station Manager appointment 

Policy #26 revision increase maximum temporary employee duration from 3 months to 4 months.  Recommended by Personnel Committee to avoid conflict with Sabbatical policy.

Board approves revision of policy #26  

The Consent Agenda Items were approved by full consensus 

Board Calendar—handout

Question about whether goals and objectives can be done so early in the year or put off until February with Board Staff retreat.  Becky said that the incoming board can start talking about goals etc earlier, but the goal would be to have them finished by Feb.  Consensus was reached on this. 

Station mgr. review—difficult for new board members to do by December.  We decided to move it to March via consensus. 

Add budget planning in June. 

Policy change regarding elections—personnel committee is working on the handbook, someone should look at whether by-law changes are needed.  Judy and Erin will look at these issues as an extension of the privacy issue. 


    Joe will do a cart announcing board slots for appointment—Eric will tell him what it will say

      Mark got a name of a potential board member from John and will pass it along

      Eric will collect board recruit names

      Judy will email the Committee form again

      Erin will help Judy collate the committee forms

      Judy Erin and Arthur will work on the privacy policy—Judy will chair

    Becky will distribute materials and call a meeting of the org structure work group—Joe, Eric, Judy and Genevieve are on it

      Becky will bring the FMLA leave policy issue to the personnel committee

      Judy will give the calendar to Zale to include with Board Packet information.

      Judy and Erin will look at by-laws and policies regarding election 

Announcements—NFCB conference in town April 1-4—party/dance benefit at Holocene Friday April 3 at Holocene  open house at KBOO from 7-10.  There will be a shuttle bus from KBOO to the club.  There are workshops, Genevieve and Erin are going to the fundraising session.  Arthur is doing a session on developing healthy boards.  Judy will have a pass. 

Amy Goodman is doing a benefit Saturday April 11 at the Bagdad 12-2 pm.  $15 tickets  Board members should try to get people to come, if you want to help contact Toni. 

Anthony announced that he is resigning as of this meeting.  He will still work on the insurance issue and the finance committee hiring committee. 

We adjourned the public meeting and entered into a closed session at 8:52 to discuss pending litigation and volunteer/personnel issues 

We adjourned at 9:21 pm.


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