Conservative Teabagging, and the Bush-era Torture Memos

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Mon, 04/20/2009

 Today, Abe Proctor hosts.  First, we'll talk about Teabagging, then we'll cover the Bush-era Torture Memos in the second half of the show.

At the end of the day, the teabaggers are racists. It's the only intellectual thread (and I use that term loosely) that unifies all of Teabaggerdom. They're not really protesting taxes, because the president just lowered the taxes of the vast majority of the teabaggers. They're not really protesting the national debt, or deficit spending, because they didn't seem to give a shit when Dubya was emptying the Treasury into Iraq. They're not really protesting Obama's alleged Muslim-ness, 'cuz he's a Christisn. No, they're upset because there's a Black Guy in the White House.


Don't believe me? Check out these pictures:

Ohhh, yeah. Monkey see, monkey spend y'all.

Or how 'bout this one?  Kenyan???



Still don't believe me? Check out this blog post from a reporter at the Sacramento Teabag Party:

"... when out of 5,000 people who supposedly represent a cross-section of Americans, there are two African Americans (both entertainers), that’s not what you’d call diverse. I understand the Sacramento Bee found the only Latino couple who were at the “tea party.” I was at the rally for about 40 minutes—it was a very busy day for me—and I saw no rally participants who weren’t white. None. The only people of color I saw where cops working the event and the one black man who was counter-protesting. In fact, I’ve covered many, many protests at the Capitol and I have never seen a gathering with less racial diversity than this one.





Rahm Immanuel

Immanuel and Obama essentially said, of the interrogators, "They were only following orders." We've heard that argument before, and we --along with the rest of the world-- roundly rejected it out of hand.


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