The Permitted Coup

      It is the Season to  review. Review the past year and the almost past Bush administration, that is.. The media and many people I know seem eager to believe that the new Obama Administraion will bring a fundamental change to the functioning of the Federal government and the totalitarian policies it has been carrying here at home and the Superpower violence it has been visiting to people all over the globe. This is a hopeful view but not one I share. We have been living within a country taken over by a Coup. If you doubt my use of that word I refer you to  Jane Mayers Book, The Dark Side or Eric Lichtblau's Bush's Law and my interviews with them. If the Supreme Court had not used extra constituional powers to stop the Florida recount in 2000 Bush would never have been president. The information contained in Mayer's and Lichtblaus well documented book lay out the usurpation of legislative and judicial powers by the Bush administration in the days and weeks following September 11th 2001.
The results are the horrors we have seen in the last 8 years including the unprecented intrusion of our military throughout the globe and the well documented removal of any expectations Americans might have to privacy in their communications andtheir actions. We have seen the Democrats in Congress  posture about what they would do if they only had the power and then we've seen what they would really do when they got it. Nothing. At least nothing to take us back to a kinder, gentler Imperialist superpower.
 It appears that the overwhelming majority of the rulers of this nation, those elected and those not, are more than happy with the moves towards fascism. That is probably why nobody but Naomi Wolf has actually used the C word.
Civil Liberty and Peace organizations all have their lists of actions they hope the new president will take. If his appointments and the attitudes and actions of the new Congress indicate anything, we have a long struggle ahead just to undo the damage done to the Bill of Rights and to stop the continued use of the U.S. Military to dominate the world.





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