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Middle East Conflict

I was glad to hear Joe back away from his statement that he supported Israel preemptive strike on Egypt and Syria in June 1967. The woman who had read a book on the origins of the conflict knew what she was talking about. So did Sam. Although I think that Israel, contrary to Sam's assertion, funded Hamas, to counter the PLO, rather than founded Hamas. Anyway, back to 1967, Israel used the opportunity of the war to capture Arab land, which is contrary to international law. And that, as is clear, is the source of the present conflict.

BT is a propagandist, and whose lies need to be refuted when he calls in.

Middle East Conflict

I dunno. BT knows what he's talking about as often as not. As for the rest, I agree. Israel did act in contravention of international law in 1967, and has done so many times since. If Israel's claims on the West Bank and Gaza are legitimate, then why are they known as the "occupied territories"? -A

Israel & Palestine

At the end of today's show (Jan 13) in response to BT's comment, you said that no people have lived in Palestine for 2000 years. Not true, according to Shlomo Sand, a history professor at Tel Aviv University. He says that if anyone is descended from the original inhabitants it's the Palestinians.

In his book How and Why the Jewish People Were invented, Sand says there never was a Jewish diaspora, and that today's Jews consist of several ethnicities who share the Jewish religion.

Israel & Palestine

When I said that no one in Palestine had lived there for 2,000 years, I was referring to individuals. There is no one alive there -- Christian, Muslim, Jew, or otherwise -- who was alive there 2,000 years ago. My comment was intended to illustrate that reality in Israel/Palestine should be determined by the needs, rights, and aspirations of the people who live there now, not by some grudge nursed over the milennia. -A


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