The 2013 Village Building Convergence: Succession, The Visible meets the Invisible Ecology

Air Cascadia
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Mon, 05/20/2013

A great deal of City Repair's Village Building Convergence (VBC) is visible…but even more of it is invisible. Or rather the placemaking that is involved across the city in neighborhood after neighborhood is tangible.  What is intangible are the changes that take place within the biome, the participants as individuals, as work groups, as communities, as reflections of the character of the city itself.  The complex organism we create and launch  - the image of the stone tossed into the pond – all that we cannot hang on to lasts longer than all that we can grasp with our hands.  That is the architecture of the Convergence: positive and negative space in constantly changing states of disequilibrium.  Becaasue after all, perfect equilibrium id death.  And death too plays a role…where do we get the negative space needed to     build these castles in the air, these gardens in the mind?



Without fanfare, not to mention public oversight, the poles of power have shifted in America.  Whereas once we had reasonable expectations that our governmental agencies worked on behalf of the citizenry and its corporate busy-ness, now it appears that the Incorporated Armies of the Night (Thanks, Norman) are calling the shots.  the National Security apparatus, Homeland Security and the like are the foot soldiers under corporate command.

Case in point: Here in Oregon a timber baron will in all likelihood get a law passed criminalizing protests against logging operations on the specious grounds that such protests constitute 'domestic terrorism'.

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