Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2013/03/25



March 25, 2013

6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Directors Present: Marc Brown, Michael Papadopolous, , Rabia Yeaman, Matthew Bristow, SW Conser, Jeff Kipilman, , Damon Isiah Turner(until 7:15), Lyn Moelich, Paula Small, Hadrian Micchie, Lisa Loving

Directors Absent: Damon Isiah Turner(after 7:15)

Staff Present: Lynn Fitch

Public Present: Zale Chadwick, Kurt Lauer, Kevin Card, Per Fagereng, Robert Barncord, Ani Haines, Barry Sutton


Agenda Approval

Motion to move financial committee closed session item to number 5




Concern noted about policy making body spending 60 minutes on vision development when it belongs in committee


Motion to consign vision development to committee

No second



Motion to approve the agenda as amended


8 in support

1 opposed

0 abstention


Agenda as amended approved


February Minutes Approval

Motion to Approve the February 25, 2013 minutes


6 in support

0 opposed

3 abstain


Minutes approved


Financial Committee Agenda Item

Motion to enter closed session


8 in support

0 opposed

2 abstain


Enter closed session at 6:25

Leave closed session at 6:40


Motion to approve the Executive Director salary in an amount that will be relayed to the financial coordinator by the treasurer




Vision Development

With the assistance of Michael Beck, the directors participated in an extended discussion of the vision of KBOO with the goal in the next few months of creating a strong statement of the vision of the KBOO Foundation.


Executive Director’s Report

  • The new Human Resources policies have been distributed
  • Some staff requested changes will be made
  • The Executive Director attended more than 15 meetings with volunteers and hosts
  • There have been additional meetings with volunteers who are supportive of changes
  • There has been much work on the spring membership drive
  • We had an advertisement in the Oregonian with new T-shirts
  • Much work is being done on website
  • FCC translator issues continue
  • The station continues planning for 45th birthday celebrations


Committee Reports



Will have a mid-year budget review next months

The Finance Committee will be trying to set a date and time for budget retreat/mid-year budget review/ looking to FY14



Door to door surveys will be discussed in April

March 29 will be News and Public Affairs day

April 22 will be Earth day/environmental programming day

We had one indecency suspension

Questions have been asked regarding hard knock radio and concern for more local production

We have a new sports program



This new committee is working on its structure

Hadrian is the chair

Matthew is the secretary

The committee is going to develop priorities



We need to meet

The candidate packet is ready to be posted online

With some modifications, the schedule for the election cycle is set



The Development Committee did not meet this month

Potential board led fundraising activity has been discussed-breakfast with the directors

Development started out thinking about a large event for the 45th Anniversary but after talking with hosts, there is an interest to do smaller events around the anniversary similar to the Once in a Boo Moon event


Emergency Business



Adjourn at 8:30








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