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Fri, 05/30/2014
1,  Rural Counties and their crime...Across Oregon taxpayers is an obsolete word.  Voters vote them selves off the hook when it comes to paying for basic services - such as law enforcement.  and then they complain because criminals continue to enjoy the usual smorgasboard of antisocial services such as rural parking lot gun shows . Unless solutions are found, all state taxpayers stand a good chance of sharing the costs for protecting rural counties. That could happen under a political nuclear option approved last year that would have the state step in to pick up half the tab for local protection.
2,  Yesterday the chip colossus, Intel pledged change its dirty ways.  The company agreed to adopt a broad regime of air quality monitoring and public reporting of atmospheric pollutants.  Intel has settled with environmental groups that had threatened to sue over the company's failure to disclose fluoride emissions at its Washington County computer chip factories. Not that Intell is doing us any favors since it already receives hefty tax relief as a little Thank You gift from the rest of us regular tax payers justn for doing us the favor of locating itself in Oregon. 
3, Portland Street Fees came fast and furious this week.  Complexities of the political calendar drove a strategic decision by Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Steve Novick to push the controversial fee plan on what became a politically impossible fast track.Yesterday it all either fell together or fell apart depending on the view from where one was standing... residents, business groups, nonprofits and government agencies duked it out during a public hearing at City Hall that stretched more than five hours.The schedule imploded this week, punctuated by wide-ranging concerns voiced As a result, street fees that the City Council will consider approving June 4 will hardly resemble the proposal of a week ago, which was expected to raise up to $50 million a year to repair Portland's crumbling streets and improve transportation safety.
4, Texas can keep secret the name of its supplier for its execution drugs, the state attorney general determined after law enforcement argued that suppliers face serious danger.In the decision, Attorney General Greg Abbott's Office cited a "threat assessment" signed by Texas Department of Public Safety director Steven McCraw that says pharmacies selling execution drugs face "a substantial threat of physical harm."
5, ¡Latin-American Climate Change Documentary Project is readyto roll.  Fund-raising is still ongoing butt he ambitious project is launched and about to  complete our route through Central America and get around the Darien Gap in Panama to Colombia!This is a group of independent media collectives and activists in Mexico and from other Latin American countries, that have come together to carryout this much needed effort to draw international attention and take action to confront root causes and effects of climate change in our region.The  project in Spanish is called la Caravana Climática por América Latina- or in English, the Climate Caravan thru Latin America, an action-tour to the COP20 UN summit on climate change.
6, Mexico City’s reservoirs consistently rank amongst the most contaminated supplies to any world capital. Drinking from the tap here is simply not recommended. Ramírez’s water, however, comes directly from a volcanic spring in San Bartolo Ameyalco, an otherwise impoverished town on the hilly southwestern outskirts of Mexico City, in the borough called Alvaro Obregon.A   group in San Bartolo Ameyalco is  intent on keeping their water supply local. Last Wednesday, Ramírez along with approximately two thousand other residents of Ameyalco attacked a police force of fifteen hundred riot officers who were guarding the final construction stage of a pipeline that will connect the town’s volcanic spring to Santa Fe, one of the most affluent districts of the Mexican capital.
7, Hudson Valley Earth First! Protest Gas Power Plant ProjecYesterday  Hudson Valley Earth First! (HVEF!) converged and disrupted the 9th annual Northeast Power and Gas Markets Conference New York Marriott Downtown in New York City. Hudson Valley Earth First activists were protesting the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) recent decision to grant Competitive Power Ventures LLC (CPV) a permit for the building of a fracked gas Power plant in Orange County NY. Audrey Zibelman, the chairman of the PSC gave keynote address this morning titled “Challenges Facing the Northeast Power and Gas Markets” where protesters interrupted her speech with chanting and dropping leaflets on the tables where corporate representatives were sitting that read, “markets peak, pipelines leak: stop fracking now”.This protest will serve as a reminder to the PSC and the oil and gas industry at large that despite their permits, community resistance to fracking, its associated infrastructure and the industrialization of our region(s) will be met with unwavering opposition and direct action. This will be the REAL challenge facing northeast Power and gas markets
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