Disabled? Yes and No


Hi. I am Grace Eagle Reed and I am the host for Disability Awareness. My guest and I broadcast on the 4th Monday of the month at 11am. I am 70 years old and have MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I have had MS since age 35 so have been disabled for a long time. I am a survivor in a way as my condition is in remittance for now. All I have to do to activate it is get overworked, stressed, overly anxious, overly weary, etc. Kinds funny really as there is 'incoming' stress all the time. Because I am disabled I am also low income and when my buggy broke down at the tune of $500 that was stress! The point is that I have had to learn how to feed into my disability when appropriate and when to just ignore that which is not that important. In other words I have learned a great deal about detachment with wisdom. And I have learned how to trust in the 'Source', trust in the process and know that not for a second am I left to myself---Faith that keeps me knowing that while my body is disabled---my mind and spirit is not. And for that I am grateful. Hey catch the show. http://www.negotiatingshadows.com


When Community is Disabled/Handicapped

My show deals with people who are disabled or handicapped and organizations that support them. But every so often I want to address what to do when a whole community is handicapped/disabled. One of these isues would be problems with police action, a popular subject in Portland. Other subjects are prejudice issues---subtle black and white interaction is definately alive and well in US and of course in Portland. Homelessness issues are some things I have addressed and sex trafficking too. The best way to deal with being disabled/handicapped is to research ways to overcome the disability if possible and if the situation is permanent then acceptance is a go to---perhaps. Grieving loss is appropriate as long as grieving does not collapse into a 'pity pot' mentality which strips Nobility of the person and the community one lives in. Addiction is classified as mental illness and active addicts do impact communities.  The best book dealing with this subject is an older one published in 1987---When Society Becomes an Adddit' by Anne Wilson Schaef. Anyway I hope anyone reading this will comment and please catch the show the 4th Monday of every month at 11am and consider calling in if possible. 

Stepping into my 'Old Suit'

Hi---I have been too ill to make it to my show for the last few weeks. I am still not used to being this limited and I am looking for ways to step into my present life---stepping into my old suit for you see inside me I am still that vital 21---well 35 year old that traveled the world with a peace message. Transportation is a big problem for me. I am in the process of stepping up, changing what I can, taking courage to be the me I am today, honoring my not so handicapped self and---well much to do if I am to be the wonderful person who still wants to make a difference in the world. I do have great guest lined up for my Disability Awareness show for Jan. so hang in with me, pray for---no with me---and perhaps I can make a difference still before I take that final dirt bath (humor). Something I have discovered over the last 70+ years---things change, people change, life can be a hard place, life 101 is what it is, and attitude makes a difference between success or failure---and failure is ok if it is not taken so seriously. Anyway contact me if you feel for it and I will see you on the radio soon. Happy Holidays all. Grace

Stepping into my 'Old Suit' (2)

Hi---It took me a long time to accept my older self---I would be 'hot' if I were not so disabled or at least that is what I imagine about myself---I am hot spiritualy though and that is what really counts in the end. I am so grateful to be this now 71+ year old lady wheeling around in a scooter, really active in the community doing volunteer work---working with homeless, addicts, contributing to various efforts. Lately I had a diagnosis of eye problems---it's an MS related thing. My optic nerves are cupping little by little and I could be going blind if the nerves cupp. Blindness scares the bee-gees out of me and it should. But I am amazed at how handicapped/disabled people face all sorts of challenges that are downright fear inducing and how they deal with those challenges with dignity, grace, courage and I suppose faith. My memory is of my young self but now I am in my old suit and doing pretty ok considering---and I am grateful to KBOO for giving me the opportunity to broadcast the show Disability Awareness---gotta love KBOO! Anyway tune in, be my guest if you can, and enjoy whatever place you are at in your life. 


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