Bob Horenstein and Ned Rosch Interview

Between Us
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Thu, 07/17/2014
Bob Horenstein is the spokesperson for the Jewish Federation of Portland, a strong supporter of the Israeli government. Ned Rosch is the co-founder of Jewish Voice for Peace, and advocacy organization for Palestinian concerns in the West Bank and Gaza. Don Merrill talked with these men, both of whom are on opposite sides of the current turmoil in the Middle East. And each is unwavering in their conviction that the views of the other need to change.

Both guests were asked many of the same questions to make answer comparison possible. Time cues to questions mutually asked are provided below.

1. When was your organization established and what is its mission? BH - 00:30/NR - 29:16
2. How long have you held the job? BH - 01:47/NR - 30:16
3. Do you ever look at citizens here and think, may you never know the kind of violence in S. Israel and Gaza? BH - 02:51/NR - 31:20
4. Some of my questions my be naive, but does that mean they shouldn't be asked since casual listeners could never truly "feel" what is going on there? BH - 05:38/NR - 53:29
5. Do you have friends and family in the Middle East right now? BH - 08:05/NR - 36:56
6. Can you briefly explain the reason for the most recent fighting? BH - 10:09/NR - 44:12
7. What is your view of western news coverage? BH - 14:17/NR - 51:36
8. What is it about being Jewish/Palestinian that you think people in 2014 don't understand? BH - 17:52/NR - 40:44
9. What is your favorite religious quote? BH - 20:15/NR - 57:59
10. Do you feel Oregon State Gov't as well as US Gov't support of Israel/Palestinian concerns is adequate? BH - 22:38/NR - 48:30
11. Is a dialogue between you and those that oppose your views locally not possible? The fact that both Jewish and Arab groups have difficulty communicating even here where a good chance for communication should exist seems ironic. BH - 25:53/NR - 55:51


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