Blue Engine: A Colorless, Ordourless, Faceless PR Powerhouse Behind the LNG Sea

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Fri, 04/04/2014
"Blue Engine" (literally the name of the firm) is the massive inside/outsider PR machine behind the push to expedite permits on fracked gas terminals around the US. Lots of White House insiders at "Blue Engine Media" and a key Dept. of Energy insider (the agency in charge of gas exports) on that PR file for the industry's "Our Energy Moment" propaganda campaign.
 Higher Learning; Hiring Labor...Portland State University received notice Thursday that American Association of University Professors (AAUP) represented faculty could go out on strike on April 16.
Despite the strike notice, the University and the union will resume negotiations Friday to try and reach an agreement on faculty pay and other contract issues.
Voters in Deer Trail, Colo. rejected a proposal that would have allowed people to shoot at unmanned flying objects.  It was created by a 49-year-old welder in protest of a federal plan that would allow drones to fly in civilian airspace With a population of 586 and 188 total votes cast, the proposal — — was defeated, with 73 percent voting no.  Which is strangely coincidental with the recent Precision Agriculture Expo here in Yamhill County.  What the Expo amounted to in actuality was a trade show for drons.  Anyone whopractices precision agriculture knows that to be of any use whatsoever, a drone would have to fly a few inches above the ground and be capable of testing the soil's nutrients and chemistry as well as temperature and water content.
What if the National Security Agency (NSA) knows it is violating the Constitution by spying on all Americans without showing a judge probable cause of wrongdoing or identifying the persons it wishes to spy upon, as the Constitution requires? What if this massive spying has come about because the NSA found it too difficult to follow the Constitution?
What if the Constitution was written to keep the government off the people’s backs, but the NSA, the president and some members of Congress have put the NSA not only on our backs, but in our bedrooms, kitchens, telephones and computers? What if when you look at your computer screen, the NSA is looking right back at you?
It gets curioser and curioser: With the NSA's ends outweighing the Constitution's meas and the last nail pounded into Democracy's coffin, America seems poised to at the fulcrum, about to become a very different animal.  And it can all be traced abck to the USA Patriot Act.    Now, the  Senate investigation concludes waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods provided no key evidence in the hunt for Osama bin Laden, according to congressional aides and outside experts familiar with a still-secret, 6,200-page report. The finding could deepen the worst rift in years between lawmakers and the CIA.
Maryland's legislators would like to outlaw the boycotts against IsrEL.  THE BOYCOTTS THAT are rising all around the world on all sides in the face of the 21 century's apartheid.  One great voice against Apartheid rises above the cackle and that is the voice of Bishop Desmond Tutu.  And the news coming
out of Occupied Palestine continues to shake the walls of silence thee world is hunched behind.
Gone are the days when Governor Kitzhaber could claim the pole position in america's losing race to overhaul its healthcare delivery system.  Everyone knows the system is hobbled by the insurance companies but Oregon at least was going ti the old hospital try....and Now look what's happened: Last in the nation whwen it comes to gettting people signed up on line.  Or perhaps we are actually leading the nation is keepong people out of the clutched of a greedy grasping industry that cares not a whit about healthcare.  
The states of Oregon and Washington approved a one-week extension of sport salmon fishing Thursday in the lower Columbia River.
Look out America, Here it comes: Now that untold sums f money are queing up to start pouring into GP coffers, Republican business groups are pised to begin rolling backa nd rolling flat the laws hat as done a feeble job of protecting the environment.  But a job none the less.   This is just one of the initial salvos:   Industry groups and more than a dozen GOP senators are urging the Obama administration to reconsider plans to regulate many of the nation's streams and wetlands, saying the proposed rule hurts economic activity and oversteps legal bounds.
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