Creating a Safe & Caring Community

Our Goal
To foster a safe, healthy and welcoming environment for nurturing creativity, community and opportunities for personal growth.
Building Authentic Relationships: When we’re authentic we listen and share honestly with one another. We set reasonable boundaries and also give each other a chance to change. We share our joys, our fears, our challenges, and the stories that make us who we are. We tell our truths in a way that respects ourselves as well as the other person.
Gentle Personalism: All people are good, and when given the opportunity, we display that goodness. When we treat people as whole, we give each other room to be whole.
Conflict Resolution: We work to resolve all conflicts or at least agree on boundaries that work for both parties. We aim for engagement over avoidance and collaboration over compromise. 
Non-violence: We say “no” to any form of violence. This includes shouting, name-calling, belittling, physical attacks, making less of someone based on their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or spiritual practice as well as other forms of harassment, abuse and intimidation.. Non-violence asks us to stop verbal or physical violence in a non-violent way, confronting it with love and respect to promote the safety and well-being of all.  
Community Support: It is our responsibility to let each other know when we are doing harm to another person or a group of people, and we will provide support when anyone is treated in a hurtful way. This includes learning ways to interrupt violence, learning how to help both parties see how they could de-escalate conflict and providing mediation services. Part of our support is learning how to listen, to understand feelings and address underlying needs. KBOO staff are available help. We give people a chance to change (except in rare occasions of imminent harm), but if people can’t change, they will eventually be asked to leave.
Four Agreements
  • We always treat others with love and respect…or at least respect!
  • It is never OK to humiliate anyone.
  • We expect everyone in our community to treat others well.
  • We have a personal responsibility to resolve our conflicts.



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