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It's worse.  check this link:


Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL): Andrea we’re looking into something new right now, that there’s reports of oil that’s seeping up from the seabed… which would indicate, if that’s true, that the well casing itself is actually pierced… underneath the seabed. So, you know, the problems could be just enormous with what we’re facing.

PressWatch: watch the top hat fail

They're spraying dispersants as of this afternoon--into the scarcely-stemmed gusher

Press**Watch: Eyeless in Gaza again


Press**Watch for June 3, 2010


Here is one of the accounts of the Israeli assault on the Gaza relief convoy, from Al Jazeera:

The Israeli assault took those of us on the ship by complete surprise.

Press**Watch: bomb the gusher?


Last week I mentioned using Navy depth charges to seal the BP well.  It is worth noting that the US armed forces have giant non-nuclear devices like the MOAB which run to thousands of pounds and approach the force of a nuclear device.  I do NOT recommend the use of a nuke to seal the Gulf gusher, but apparently nukes have been used in the past by the Russians--and this would appear to be the source of the comment that I first heard on Thom Hartman's show (AM 620 Portland):

PressWatch: watch the gusher live during "top kill"


this link:

The reason that BP is trying 'containment' or 'top kill' is that they want to be able to profit from the thousands of feet of hole that they've already produced.  They know it has oil--we all do, now--so they want to "contain" it or plug it at the top ("top kill"), and that way they can save lots of money and still profit from the new "relief well."  The new well will use imaging seismic technology and directed slant drilling to access the (considerable) remainder of the old hole.  Get it?

Press**Watch: War gusher!


Press**Watch for May 20, 2010


Presswatch interviews Kanellos, the Dog of Justice

This morning I "interviewed" Kanellos for Membership Drive.  Engineer Emily Young "translated" (Thanks Em!).  If you missed it, here is the transcript:


Press**Watch: Halliburton strikes again


Since this show aired, the news came in that Halliburton was responsible for the failed undersea equipment that allowed the oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico last week to become the great environmental disaster of 2010.  Here are some of the notes I used for the interview:

The book:

Press**Watch: Corporate climate killers



The mean concentration of approximately CO2 was at 316 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in 1958, and rose to approximately 369 ppmv in 1998. (Climate Ark)

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