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Making Facebook Work (better) for you


Facebook! It's the internet site we love... and love to hate.

Part of that is how little control you have when you're doing just about anything.

If you are trying to publicize your show (hey, if you aren't, why not?), there are a couple of rules of thumb that will make it a better experience.

Start by uploading a Schedule Episode on kboo.fm with a photo, and a good description of what will be happening on your show. Sell the sizzle!


Magically (or something) it will end up on the website's front page. But I've gotten ahead of myself...

copyright, copyleft, and fair use


What is Copyright?

Copyright allows you to own the things (writing, music, photography, etc) that you create. If you create it, you own it. That allows you to reproduce it, to make & distribute copies, to create derivative works, and to display or perform the work publically.

You can give up your copyright by licensing a copyleft or Creative Commons license. Or, if you work for a business and you are paid to create content, in some cases, you no longer hold a copyright to your own work.

Now, wait, how do you refer to copyrighted pieces? Fair use!

The Attributor Blog provides a good guideline to fair use:

Rest in Peace, Lloyde Livingstone and Marty Soehrman


We are very sorry to announce the passing of two KBOO volunteers: Lloyde Livingstone and Marty Soehrman.

Lloyde Livingstone, the co-founder of KBOO, has died. She came to Portland as a teenager, entering Lincoln High School as a junior. By the next year, she won the competition to be Lincoln's Rose Festival princess. She went on to be chosen the queen of Rosaria that year, 1946.

In 1964 she learned that the owner of Portland's only classical music station was going to abandon the format in favor of "easy listening". She couldn't abide by that, and said so in a letter to the daily newspaper.

2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

For background information: Wikipedia: 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

News sources:

Japanese media (mostly) in English

(background courtesy of Wikipedia: Media of Japan):

Please welcome Tom Hood!


photo, Tom Hood

I'd like to welcome to KBOO a familiar face -- Tom Hood, our interim Chief Engineer.

In a lot of ways, Tom has been at KBOO since the beginning, but being "new" means he's bringing in some new ideas.

He is quick to talk about his goals: making the engineering department inclusive, bringing in people who have some KBOO institutional memory, and ensuring that KBOO has high-quality audio.

Tom has a long and storied history with radio, and with KBOO. His grandmother, Ina Hood, was a KEX & KOIN radio personality until 1927. His uncle, William Hood, was a session man in Hollywood responsible for the jazz-influenced horn arrangement on Steely Dan's Aja. His aunt, sculptor Julie MacDonald, lived with hyenas ... and Charlie Parker, for 6 of the last 7 years of his life. His father, audio preservationist Ernie Hood, was one of KBOO's founders.

In Website News


The amazing thing about this job is that I keep noticing new things about this website EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Just now, I noticed that there were two different links in the Control Panel to create Community Calendar events. So I beg your forgiveness in advance if you are used to using the submit an event link because it has now gone the way of the dodo. To do the same thing, Go to Create Content, Event --> they both went (and go) to the exact same form.

I'm preparing for the KBOO Web Trainings -- three classes: an intro to the site, how to promote your show using KBOO, and how to promote your show using social media.

Web Trainings in February


I'm happy to announce three different KBOO website trainings. Please sign-up if you plan to attend. Sign-up lists are posted in the training section, to the left of the white board by the receptionist desk. The trainings are all this month, and will resume again mid-March.

The trainings include Tuesday, 2/8: Using the KBOO website; Wednesday, 2/16: Promoting your Program; and, Thursday, 2/24: Radio & the Digital Age.

Before attending, please have a working log-in to the KBOO website.

Input on Community Calendar Needed Now!


As you might have guessed, I'm going to be redesigning the online KBOO Community Calendar with your input. And with your input, it can be great. Are you game?

Do you have opinions about Community Calendars in general, or the KBOO Online Community Calendar in specific?

Ever designed an online calendar from the ground up?

Got calendar apps you like online?

Please share what you love and loathe about our online Community Calendar, and other online calendars you run across online. I'm curious about what works for you, what's elegant and easy to use, as well as ideas that ought to work but just don't.

Thanks so much for putting us over the top!


Wow! I feel kind of breathless but totally excited. The outpouring of support has been tremendous. Thank you so much for supporting KBOO.

Thanks to all you individual donors, both renewing and new members!

Thanks to all the businesses who supported us by donating food for our volunteers.

Thanks to all of our volunteers!

It's an honor to work with all of you -- you make KBOO Community Radio happen.

With this Winter Membership Drive, we surpassed our goal, and we'll be able to put a little in the bank -- which is important to the longevity of the organization. We really appreciate your support!

Thank you!!


KBOO's Tom Wendt wins national recognition!


Today, the Blues Foundation announced the 2011 Keeping Blues Alive award (KBA), and our own Tom Wendt, long time host of Blues Power and Blues Junction (Second & Fourth Saturdays, 2:00pm - 4:00pm), won for public radio.

Here's what they had to say:

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