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Jan Michael Looking Wolf to appear LIVE on Tillicum wawa Jan. 13th!!



I'm very excited to announce that one of the best Native American Musicians of our day will appear LIVE on January 13th with me, Shusli Baseler, and Eugene Johnson on Tillicum wawa! Yip, yip, yip!!!

Not only is he a great musician but he's also a great guy who will share about his passion for the Native American flute and the direction that passion is taking him.

I hope he will also talk about the people who have inspired and encouraged him.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach just last month received Record of the Year for "Breakin Free" at the 2010 Native American Music Awards. He adds this honor to his Flutist of the Year and Artist of the Year awards.

Here is more about Looking Wolf..



Looks like Tillicum wawa has a slot every other Thursday at 6:00!

This is wonderful news for the Indian folks and their supporters! Thank you, KBOO!

Great Show!


Osiyo, KBOOers!

What fun we had this morning on Tillicum Wawa! Lively discussion and music, chanting and ukelele playing...

Truly, there was a mixture of people! We had a man in his 20's and one almost 80. I loved that a strong native woman led the show with her son sitting in, playing ukelele before he heads off to adventure on the Islands.

John Talley honored us with a rare appearance at the station and told a couple of great stories.

We had a chance to talk with our friends, Iokepa, Hawiian spirtiual leader of the Return Voyage and his wife, Inette a gifted writer and journalist.

Auditioning a new show, Tillicum wawa: The People Speak

Looks like I will join Eugene Johnson and Shusli to produce a new American Indian music/community events show.

It will be called Tillicum wawa: The People Speak...More later...

Looks like Indian Country will not be airing on Thursday..

"Indian Country" will not be airing this Thursday...But the good news is that Native American programming will continue to air at that slot.

Native American community events/Team NARA at the Diabetes Walk and Bow and Arrow Oaks Park powwow

What a beautiful day to be out interviewing Team NARA Diabetes Walk participants! Sunday was gorgeous!

I talked to Ruth Ann McGovern, nurse practititioner and Alison Goerl, registered dietition, who lead NARA's work on diabetes and who organized the walkers from NARA.

I also talked to alot of the walkers who told me what motivates them to give their time to the cause.

After the walk, I headed on over to Oaks Park to take in the Bow and Arrow Culture Club's "End of Summer" Powwow...I talked to Sandebea , long time lead of Bow and Arrow.

Hope to air these events with the Quartz interview on  the 16th...Will let you know..stay tuned...

News about Indian Country's fate

Hey all of you Listeners and Supporters of Native American radio programming...

There may be an announcement about the future of "Indian Country" soon...stay tuned...

Grand Ronde tribal paper "Smoke Signals" features Looking Wolf's KBOO appearance


Our show, Indian Country, and the Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach interview and preformance that aired on July 23rd was featured in the September 1st edition of the Grand Ronde tribal paper, "Smoke Signals".

Ron Karten, "Smoke Signals", journalist did a really great write up on our show!

I'll try to get the article up on the site here pretty soon...

Thanks to "Smoke Signals", Ron Karten, and most of all to Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach!

Also, I should say, that our mentor and Mohawk elder, John Talley, got a big kick seeing his name in print in the paper he has read for years...


Katherine Quartz,Northern Piaute flutist and protoge, Madi will be taped Monday August 16th

Katherine Quartz,(Northern Piaute) and her 15 year old, neice and protege, Madi, will be interviewed and will perform for a taping this coming Monday, the 16th of August.

Katherine is a music therapist who uses her talent as a Native American flutist to help heal, to entertain and to teach.

Katherine was featured on John Talley's show "Indian World" in 1998 and 2005.

We are honored to have her record with us for a future airing of Indian Country.


Redwillow cohosts on Mitakuye Oyasin

I got an opportunity to sit in with the Mitakuye Oyasin Collective and their talented guest musician, Celeste Astara today.

What a wonderful voice Astara has and the lyrics of her songs were very moving.

Thanks for welcoming me on the show with y'all, Eugene, Shusli, Dean and Louis!


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