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Body Worlds Interview


Hear an interview with Gunther von Hagens the famous and often controversial anatomist behind the Body Worlds exhibit that recently made its way to The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland. The exhibit showcases real human specimens preserved by replacing bodily fluids with plastics. Most of the so-called plastinates appear without their skin at various stages of dissection. Von Hagens has been hailed as a pioneer in medical education and derided as a sicko who desecrates human remains.

KBOO Art Focus host Julie Bernard and producer Julie Sabatier went to the press opening of the exhibit and interviewed Mr. von Hagens about his unique dissection methods, his thoughts on death and whether he thinks of what he does as "art."

20:39 minutes (18.91 MB)

06/27 Habeas Corpus Protest


Oregonians rallied this tuesday along with thousands of other Americans across the country, asking congress to restore some of the rights they say were suspended after 9/11.
KBOO’s Scott Pham reports in collaboration with Oregon News Service.

1:20 minutes (1.22 MB)

06/27 Our Backyard


And now, another edition of the local environmental series, Our Backyard with K-BOO’s Edison Carder.

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Day Laborer's Press Conference

The organization of day laborers in Portland, known as Voz or ‘Voice’, held a press conference and rally yesterday to protest the way immigration raids have affected the immigrant community.
Romeo Sosa of Voz was one of the speakers at the rally.

2:37 minutes (2.41 MB)

Iraq Oil Law

The Cabinet of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki approved a U-S-backed draft oil law, and the Parliament is expected to start discussing it next week.
The law, which institutes privileges for foreign companies at a level unseen anywhere else in the Middle East, has been challenged both inside and outside Iraq.
The Iraqi oil workers union went on a strike last month to protest the law. KBOO News spoke with British analyst Greg Muttit (MUTT-it) about the law.

4:12 minutes (3.84 MB)

Internet Radio Day of Silence


A Day of Internet Silence is taking place today in which hundreds of radio stations and web-only stations, including KBOO, are silencing their internet broadcasts to protest the planned royalty fee hikes that will be implemented on July 15th.
More information on this issue can be found online at www.saveinternetradio.org

2:23 minutes (2.19 MB)

06/26 Media Response to Michael Moore’s film


Michael Moore’s new film ‘Sicko’ premiered this past weekend throughout the country, despite challenges from the Bush Administration on Moore’s travel to Cuba. The film challenges the privatized health care model in the US, and contrasts the US system with nationalized health care in Canada, England, France and Cuba.
While activists leaflet outside hundreds of movie theaters promoting the single-payer healthcare system, the media has been largely critical of the film.
Jim Naureckas (now-REEK-ahs), with Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, claims that this is because the pockets of the mainstream media have been lined by the pharmaceutical industry.

4:39 minutes (4.26 MB)

SissyBoys Interview


SissyBoy is a group of Portland-based performance artists. They refer to themselves as “drag terrorists” or “gender terrorists.” Their over-the-top shows in bars and clubs are both political and comedic. Last year, they were part of the Time Based Art Festival and they recently returned from their first west coast tour. KBOO producer Julie Sabatier caught up with SissyBoys Zebra and Jeffrey Darling at a photo shoot for Outlook Magazine in May and she put together this excerpt for the OutLoud show.

23:03 minutes (21.11 MB)

The Sudden Radio Project - June 2007

program date: 
Sun, 11/18/2007

Dream us again, won't you? We could feel your dreams last month. They were sensual, weren't they? The skin of your malt-covered leaf muntjac was delicious. Boom-Boom is recovering nicely, thank you. We present oneiric thrills in a silky collection, waiting for you.

60:30 minutes (17.31 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour for June 25, 2007

This show has discussions of the role of religion in the environmental movement, Socialism and Feminism in the life of Lynn Siegel, and the criminalization of immigrants.

57:41 minutes (23.11 MB)


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