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The Food Show April 2007

85% of Oregon fields are tended by guest workers, most of them from Mexico. Dan McGrath, a Professor with OSU Extension Services in Corvallis shares what he learned on his recent sabbatical in Oaxaca, Mexico. We also speak with local food activists, Beth Poteet, Katie MacKendrick, Katie Kolker, Beret Halverson and Nancy Franke who talk about their recent delegation to Oaxaca, Mexico to investigate the Roots of Migration with the organization Witness for Peace. Marliese Franklin hosts.

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The KBOO Food Show May 2007

In studio guest Julie Hasson talks about vegan baking.
Guest Nicole Mones, author of The Last Chinese Chef, talks about traditional Chinese foods.

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The Listeners 5/14/07


Thrill to the auditory adventures of spontaneous sojourners gliding gently down your ear canal.

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03/16 Street roots report

For the latest in our series with Street Roots newspaper, Joanne Zuhl reports on a proposal to expand the definition of homelessness to include the hidden population of people called “couch surfers.” Also, The Racial Profiling Committee has begun tackling the issue with local police, but awaits delivery on some promises from the mayor’s office.

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Chinese consul general visits Portland, as Olympic antelope defects

One of the mascots chosen by the Chinese government to promote the 2008 Beijing Olympics has defected, with the help of activists from the group Students for a Free Tibet.
The mascot, a cartoon antelope known as Ying-Ying, or Ying-say, was seen in a press conference today charging the Chinese government with ongoing human rights abuses and oppression of the Tibetan people.
This comes as the Chinese Consul General prepares for his first ever visit to Portland later on tonight. He’ll be at the opening ceremony
KBOO’s Jenka Soderberg spoke with Kalayan Mendoza, with Students for a Free Tibet:

The Chinese Consul General will be appearing at the Willamette Falls Ballroom at Portland State University at 7:30 this evening. KBOO has not been informed of any protests planned for the event, although there will be a free tibet protest tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 PM at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

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School Health Centers to Close

Popular health care access for children will likely decrease this summer. Multnomah County’s new budget calls for shutting down School Health centers around the city. KBOO’s Spencer Raymond reports

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Anti-gay rights group files for referendum in Oregon

Voters may get to decide on the rights of Gay people in 2008. A group flied initial paperwork with the state yesterday to create a referendum. KBOO’s Spencer Raymond has more.

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Update on slain US Soldiers in Iraq

New details are emerging in the case of three U-S soldiers killed last year in Iraq. One was from Oregon. KBOO’s Lisa Loving has more.

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DIY, Portland: Education Part 2

Dive into classes on medicinal herbs and bicycle maintenance. Hear interviews with Michael Newman, who curates the "Live Journalism and Experts" series at the Waypost and Teri Thomas Peterson of SCRAP (the School and Community Reuse Action Project). Thanks to Brian Kramer for production assistance. Thanks to Levi Cecil for recording help and original music. Click here to download higher quality audio file. Podcast available here! For more information or to make a donation to support the show, please visit my website. Thanks for listening!

If you missed Education Part 1, listen to it here.

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Our Backyard 05-16-07

Biofuel: the 'green' fuel of the future? An environmental activist group says the Biofuels for Energy Security and Transportation Act of 2007, a US Senate bill mandating increased biofuel production and on a fast track to become law, fails to address critical environmental considerations and may cause more harm than good.

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