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Interview with Bitch Magazine

Out Loud
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Sun, 08/12/2007

Carla interviews Debbie, publisher, and Amy, development coordinator, from Bitch Magazine.

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Old Mole Variety Hour for October 15, 2007

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Sun, 10/14/2007

Bill Resnick talks with Laura Fingerson about her book "Girls in Power: Gender, Body, And Menstruation in Adolescence"--has the "curse" been lifted? Denise Morris and Jerry Tucker of the Conference for Labor Renewal discuss the loss to labor in the auto workers' contracts. Laurie King tells Bill Resnick why Earl Blumenhauer should not have supported the latest Latin American bilateral trade deals. And Clayton Morgareidge gives the Mole's Good News.

57:08 minutes (26.16 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour for October 1, 2007

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Sun, 09/30/2007

Hosted by Luz Maria Gordillo. The Movie Moles Jan Haaken and Fran Michel analyze "Eastern Promises." Economist and global warming activist Eban Goodstein talkes with Bill Resnick about the prospects for action on reducing green house gases; and Larry Bowlden reviews Nancy Kincaid's novel "As Hot As It Was You Should Thank Me." And of course we ask for your support during our pledge drive.

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Old Mole Variety Hour for September 3, 2007

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Sun, 09/02/2007

In this Labor Day show, Bill Resnick and Bill Smalldone discuss the power of the German working class since World War II; Tom Becker reviews the history of Labor Day; Luz Maria Gordillo reads a short story about Mexican family whose father has crossed the border to work; and the Movie Moles Fran Michel and Jan Haaken take on "The Invasion".

52:48 minutes (21.49 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour for August 27, 2007

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Sun, 08/26/2007

This show features a discussion of Real Utopias with Eric Olin Wright, a conversation with Mike Snedeker about the unlawfulness of the Guantanamo prison, a report about the removal of the people of Diego Garcia to make room for the US Airforce, and a movie review of "Raise the Red Lantern".

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DIY, Portland: Home Birth

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Wed, 08/15/2007

A new episode of DIY, Portland is born! This month, we're talking with midwives, doulas and moms about a do-it-yourself project as old as human history. You'll hear stories of home birth and unassisted birth, along with music from the lovely and talented Ali Ippolito. Fair warning: you will also hear some sounds of mamas grunting and babies crying.

Thanks once again to Brian Kramer for his audio skills and to Nick Jaina for our theme song. Special thanks to Nina Jacobi for her piece called "Birth Night."

Higher quality downloads and links to podcast, etc. available right here.

28:05 minutes (16.07 MB)

The Non-Profit, "Grandparents Raising Grandchildren" Picnics at Woodlawn Park

Evening News

About a hundred friends and family members gathered at Woodlawn park on Saturday in solidarity with the local non-profit, “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren,” a group which is fighting to--amongst other things--get Kofie and C’Lynn out of the clutches of Oregon’s Department of Human Services, and back into the children’s original loving family. 

Yvette Maranowski has more...

4:39 minutes (4.26 MB)

DIY, Portland: Zine Show!!

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Wed, 07/18/2007

In anticipation of the zine symposium in August, it's our second annual zine show! Hear Kate Haas reading from her zine and John Marr remembering back to the DIY ethic of the punk rock era that first inspired him to publish himself. Get an update about the Independent Publishing Resource Center and find out how Portland is like Paris.

As always, thanks to Brian Kramer for production assistance and Nick Jaina, who composed our theme music. All other original music in this episode comes courtesy of Levi Cecil.

Podcasting, higher quality downloads and more information is available right here.

27:52 minutes (12.76 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour 07/16/07

program date: 
Sun, 07/15/2007

Topics for today include: 1) Labor 2) Review - Crazy Love 3) Capitalism 4) Alternative Economics

59:29 minutes (10.21 MB)

PSU Domestic Violence Conference

Evening News
program date: 
Mon, 07/16/2007

Portland State University, in collaboration with the Bradley Angle House and Healing Roots Village, is expanding and reprioritizing the domestic violence dialogue and awareness.

Yvette Maranowski attended this weekend's annual conference and has the details.


3:59 minutes (1.37 MB)
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