APA Compass on 06/06/08

APA Compass
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Fri, 06/06/2008 - 9:00am - 10:00am
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Race and Environmental Justice

This month APA Compass will look at race and environmental justice including an interview with Julie Sze, enviromental justice advocate, Assistant Professor of American Studies at UC Davis and director of the Environmental Justice Project for UC Davis’ John Muir Institute for the Environment. The program will also include a live roundtable discussion with local environmental justice activists Alan Hipolito, Chris Winter, Kevin O'Dell & Marcelo Bonta. And as always another edition of the Angry APA Minute, this month featuring hip hop artist Skim.

For more information about APA Compass visit apacompass.org or contact us at apacompass at gmail.com.

Primary Pains

program date: 
Sun, 05/25/2008

Thabiti Lewis shines a light on several varieties of implicit racism in the Presidential campaign, coming from some of the candidates  and all of the mass media.   

7:17 minutes (3.34 MB)

Mixed Race Identity

APA Compass
program date: 
Thu, 05/01/2008

This month we're exploring mixed-race identity. Patti Duncan interviews award-winning author, filmmaker
and performer Kip Fullbeck and then hosts a roundtable discussion with local mixed-race community
members Anita Rogers, Joseph Lyons and Michael Osuna. And another Angry APA Minute with
Rigel Byrum-Ridge.

54:29 minutes (18.71 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour for May 19, 2008

program date: 
Sun, 05/18/2008

This program includes a Movie Mole review of "Iron Man," a commentary on Racism in the Presidential campaign, a first-person report on May Day in Havana, music and the history of the Buena Vista Social Club, and a discussion of the crisis in food prices.  Clayton Morgareidge hosts. 

Hear the whole show by clicking on the arrow above, or go to individual pieces by clicking on their links below:

1.  Bill Resnick talks with Food First's director Eric Holt-Gimenez about food prices: causes and cures.

2.  The Movie Moles melt down "Iron Man."

57:07 minutes (26.15 MB)

Racism in the Presidential Campaign

program date: 
Sun, 05/18/2008

The racism that the Obama campaign is revealing among voters and in the media demands a strong reaction.  Clayton Morgareidge comments, drawing in part on an article by David Sirota on the In These Times Website.   

7:51 minutes (3.6 MB)

Movie Moles: "Iron Man"

program date: 
Sun, 05/18/2008

Movie Moles Frann Michel and Jan Haaken review the action/comic book movie "Iron Man" and give it thumbs down for its repetition of stereotypes about about race, gender, militarism and capitalism.  


10:16 minutes (4.7 MB)

Margaret Cho, Jason Mak from the DisOrient Film Festival, Dengue Fever and Sarita See

APA Compass
program date: 
Thu, 04/03/2008

An edited version of our membership drive program. Liz Rogers caught up with Margaret Cho on tour with her new show Beautiful; Executive Director Jason Mak talks about the 2008 DisOrient Film Festival taking place in Eugene; Patti Duncan interviews Chom Nimol and Ethan Holtzman from the Cambodian pop band Dengue Fever and Sarita See shares her Angry APA Minute.

38:43 minutes (11.08 MB)

Civil Liberties Watch: TriMet "Loudness" Code

program date: 
Wed, 04/30/2008


TriMet announces new code that could have riders removed for boistrous and unreasonably loud" conduct. Is this a prescription for descrimination?

4:19 minutes (3.95 MB)

Joe and Abe Talk Radio

program date: 
Mon, 04/21/2008

Abe Proctor and Joe Uris lit up the phone lines with more of their irreverant views on politics, the election, and the world.

82:47 minutes (37.9 MB)

Race and Racism: Beyond Obama

program date: 
Sun, 04/20/2008

How more can progressives say about racism in the US that goes deeper than the issues of discrimination that have surfaced in the discussion of the Obama campaign?  Three  Moles have a roundtable discussion: Denise Morris, Laurie Mercier, and Luz María Gordillo.

15:31 minutes (7.11 MB)
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