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Voices from the Edge on 04/05/12

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Thu, 04/05/2012 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Official Violence Against African American Men

Campbell, Martin, Brisette and Madison: Official violence against African American men

The Portland police officer who fatally shot Aaron Campbell was recently reinstated. Florida's State Attorney is being investigated for interference in the police investigation of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer. Seven years after James Brissette and Ronald Madison were fatally shot by police officers from New Orlean's Danziger Bridge, the officers who pulled the triggers as well as those who covered up the killings have finally been convicted for their crimes.

Adrienne Rich: Ballad of the Poverties

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Mon, 04/02/2012

 In honor of the late Adrienne Rich, Frann Michel reads a poem of hers called "Ballad of the Poverties".

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Kristian Williams on Treyvon Martin, Capitalism and the Culture of Fear

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Mon, 04/02/2012

Bill Resnick talks with Kristian Williams, Portland-resident and renknown scholar of policing and police history, about the murder of Treyvon Martin. Kristian re-caps the case and those like it, but also comments on the nature of the "stand your ground" laws that have been invoked to shield George Zimmerman. He contends that simply attacking those laws misses deeper problems, namely how these laws arise out of already racialized understandings of crime, law and order. They end on a note about this culture of fear, which Kristian thinks we can overcome if we see that people's needs are met, so they don't feel there are "others" out there trying to take them.

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Old Mole Variety Hour April 2nd

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Mon, 04/02/2012

           Joe Clement hosts today's Old Mole. We hear about the Treyvon Martin case, Adrienne Rich's work on motherhood, a poem by Adrienne Rich, a movie review about revolutionary black workers, and a radical musicology segment about Alix Dobkins, who we hear throughout the show.

To hear the whole show, use the play button below.  To hear individual segments, follow these links:

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Political Perspectives on 03/28/12

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Wed, 03/28/2012 - 9:00am - 10:00am
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Michael Moore on the future of the Occupy Movement.

Filmmaker, author and activist Michael Moore speaks on the future of the Occupy Movement. Moore was the featured speaker at the Left Forum on Saturday, March 17th at Pace University in New York City.

Outside In Guerilla Theatre Peer Education Radio

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Wed, 03/07/2012

Last week KBOO and Outside In worked together on a youth media project about Peer Education and health. We begin with  Erick and Heberto Espinosa, Youth Specialist, who introduce the show.
Next, Richard Temple finds out how others cope with stress in order to adapt, cope and thrive. He created the song on the track, Sled Through Snow. After that we'll have Love Gun speak about recovering from alcohol and drug addiction,  Peter Tysdal demystify psychic abilities, Jem talk about healthy, affordable alternatives to tampons, and interviews “veteren menstrator” Annie Calhoun, and  Jackson Weird talk about the similarities between transgender and cisgender folks, how to be a good ally and shares great resources.

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School to Prison Pipeline

Prison Pipeline
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Mon, 02/27/2012

Carlos Chavez interviewed co-editor of Re-Thinking Schools, Jody Sokolower. Rethinking Schools is a progressive magazine put together by activist educators focused on a practical, but visionary approach to public education in the United States. Jody Sokolower put together much of the latest winter edition, which is themed on the “School to Prison Pipeline. They discuss this concept and how is impacts youth and educators and what can be done to change it.

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International Day in Solidarity with Leonard Peltier

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Wed, 02/15/2012

Leonard Peltier of the Anishinabe A NISH IN ABE and Lakota Nations, is a long time Native Activist and member of the American Indian Movement.  He has spent over 35 years as a political prisoner. 

Tonight on Circle A Radio, we talk about the International Day in Solidarity with Leonard Peltier, coming up this Saturday, February 4th.  Our guests are Michael One Road, and Arthur Miller, both regional organizers for the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee.

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