Wisconsin: What's Ahead?

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Mon, 03/14/2011

 Old Moles Bill Resnick and Norm Diamond discuss organizing efforts in Wisconsin and other states where masses of people have turned out in opposition to drastic budgit cuts.  What has to happen if this energy is to lead to a real challenge to the power of the moneyed elites?   Norm Diamond is a labor historian with many years of experience as an activist on labor issues.  He was the President of the Northwest Labor College, and co-author of The Power In Our Hands: A Curriculum on the History of Work and Workers in the United States.  

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Best of Times, Worst of Times: Waking Up the Slumbering Giant in Wisconsin

Labor Radio
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Mon, 03/14/2011

Madison protest photo from In These TimesWill 2011 be remembered the beginning of a great uprising, or labor's last gasp?  Governors in Wisconsin and across the country are pushing draconian measures to cut public services and the power of working people, but union workers and their allies are mobilizing resistance on a scale not seen for decades in this country.

We speak with Adam Sanchez, member of Portland Association of Teachers and ILWU Local 5, who recently traveled to Madison to join protesters occupying the Capitol.

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Neoliberalism and the War on Women

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Mon, 03/07/2011

Frann Michel reviews recent attacks on reproductive rights considers how "the neoconservative movement to enforce gender conformity and women's subordination dovetails with the neoliberal agenda of cutting social programs." The full-text version with media-links can be found HERE.

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Hallelujah I'm a Wobbly

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Mon, 03/07/2011

The song Utah Phillips is singing here is "Hallelujah I'm a Bum," probably written by a Wobbly (a member of the Industrial Workers of the World) in the early 20th Century. Joe reads the preamble to the IWW constitution.

4:34 minutes (4.18 MB)

How Organizing Teachers Is Essential to Education Reform

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Mon, 03/07/2011

Bill and Gwen talk about the business model that groups like Stand up for Children are pushing as educational reform, and how teachers unions are under attack because of their resistance.

Gwen Sullivan is the vice-president of the Portland Teachers Association and an elementary school teacher herself.

16:06 minutes (14.74 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour March 7th

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Mon, 03/07/2011

Today's show, hosted by Joe Clement, features interviews about teachers struggling against the businessizing of education, single-payer healthcare in Oregon, neoliberalism and gay marriage, and a Well Read Red about  the connection between the war against women and labor struggles nation-wide. The show is also peppered with music by Utah Phillips and a reading from the Industrial Workers of the World's constitution.

57:43 minutes (26.42 MB)

More Talk Radio on 03/07/11

More Talk Radio
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Mon, 03/07/2011 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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How are women and families doing in the current economy?

How are women and families doing in the current economy?

Hosts Celeste Carey and Cecil Prescod speak with Joan Entmacher, Vice President of Family Economic Security at the National Women’s Law Center about current economic issues for women. The Center recently posted the article "The Recovery in Pictures: Modest Job Gains Exclude Women." How will Obama's budget affect women? What programs and services will women lose under projected budget cuts? How can the deficit be addressed without cutting programs that are essential to women? Tune in for a discussion of these questions and more. Call in with your concerns.

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