Movie Moles: On the Waterfront

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Mon, 09/12/2011

Joe Clement and Jan Haaken talk about the classic labor-oriented film, "On the Waterfront". Starring Marlan Brando, Terry Malloy is a dockworker who struggles with his received sense of "it's every man for himself" and his conscience and sense of duty to his fellow workers being exploited by a corrupt union-boss. They relate it to the recent   ILWU struggle in Longview and the history of dockworker and all unions as agents of social justice and not just, as the film might suggest, victims of corrupt bosses.

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Labor day special: Wobbly Walk thru the Siskiyous, and Jobs with Justice actions today

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Mon, 09/05/2011

Guest host Kevin Card with a special Labor Day show, interview guest Wes Brain of Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice.  Brain reviews the Wobbly Walk through the Siskiyous, and how it's being commemorated today. Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice brings together labor unions, religious congregations, student groups and community organizations to improve working peoples’ standard of living, job security and their right to organize. 

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Joe talks about Labor, the History of Labor, and the Decimation of Labor today.

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Tue, 09/06/2011

 Hosted by Joe Uris.  Abe Proctor is off this week.

Joe talks about Labor History in the United States, and the State of Labor today.

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Verizon Strike and Beyond

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Mon, 09/05/2011

Speaking with Denise Morris, Mark Brenner of Director of Labor Notes talks a bit about what Labor Notes is and how it involves itself in the labor movement. They spend most of the interview talking about the relevance of 45,000 verizon workers going on strike. Mark explains how this strike and what it was about underscores what is so wrong with our economy today: when corporate profits break records and shareholders receive big bonus dividends, workers are told "there isn't enough". Mark points out why unions can't remain islands in seas of union-hostility and competition from non-union companies.

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Building a Working-Class Environmental Movement

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Mon, 09/05/2011

Daniel Randall, a supporter of the Workers Climate Action Network and a writer for the journal "Solidarity" in England, talks with Bill Resnick about how the environment (and not just jobs or wages) is a working-class issue. Daniel starts out by offering a few examples of working-class solutions to environmental problems and the need for sustainable technology production processes, such as the Lucas plan.

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A Brief Commentary on Paid and Unpaid Work

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Mon, 09/05/2011

Joe briefly remarks on the biases we have for paid work and against unpaid work. He suggests we overlook the possibility for useful and needed contributions when our solutions to unemployment assume wage-labor as the only legitimate form of work we can do while still making demands for a decent livelihood.

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Old Mole Variety Hour Labor Day 2011

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Mon, 09/05/2011

Joe Clement hosts this labor day special and we hear:


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More Talk Radio on 09/05/11

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Mon, 09/05/2011 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Wobbly Free Speech Movement

Taking it to the Streets, the Rails and the Mountains: A Labor Day Special

Join host Kevin Card and his guest Wes Brain in a lively discussion on the Wobbly Free Speech movement and the need to get back up on our soapboxes.

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