September 27 Old Mole Variety Hour

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Mon, 09/27/2010

 Norm Diamond hosts this edition of the Mole with a look at the opportunities and challenges for progressive, liberating eduation.  Norm talks with two local highschool teachers about the use of role playing in helping students to see the world from the perspective of indigenous peoples.  Educator Sonia Nieto discusses her work in encouraging and supporting good teachers.   Well-read Red Frann Michel looks at Ethnic Studies week and the reasons for it.  And Bill Resnick talks with journalist David Moberg about Arne Duncan, the Chicago Schools, and the limits of charter schools.  

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Ethnic Studies in Perspective

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Mon, 09/27/2010

 Ethnic Studies Week October 1-7, 2010 is a nationally coordinated week of actions to defend ethnic studies and academic freedom. It was inspired by opposition to the May 11 passage of HB 2281 in Arizona banning ethnic studies in the AZ public schools and the May 21 passage of new social studies standards by the influential Texas State Board of Education.  Well-read Red Frann Michel explains what ethnic studies is all about and how it is connected to other issues raised by reactionaries in these stressful economic times.  You can read her remarks here on Frann's blog.

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Die German Stunde talks about Immigration

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Fri, 09/24/2010

 Former German central banker Thilo Sarrazin has provoked a heated debate in Germany with the publication in August of his book:  Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab -- or Germany Does Away with Itself. In the book Sarrazin says Muslims are either unwilling or incapable of integration and that immigrants are more of a negative than a positive for the country. Politicians roundly condemned the statements, but some Germans say Sarrazin has publicly stated what many actually think. Host Miriam Widman discusses the book and immigration with Feridun Bek, a German of Turkish descent who is an auto industry executive now living in Detroit and with Sergey Lagodinsky, a Russian-Jewish immigrant to Germany who is a lawyer and member of the Social Democratic Party.

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Religion in Asian America

APA Compass
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Fri, 09/07/2007

APA Compass collective member Marie Lo speaks with Professor Jane Naomi Iwamura about the diversity of Asian American religious practices.

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Voices from the Edge on 09/16/2010

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Thu, 09/16/2010

Voices from the Edge Jo Ann Bowman hosts a debate between Multnomah County Commissioner candidates Karol Collymore and Loretta Smith

The conversation doesn't end when the program does. You can join in additional discussion of the week's issue on our blog at (click on the "blog" tab). You'll find additional information, important links, comments from other listeners and commentary from Jo Ann and Dave. Have a question for our guests, but can't call in during the program? Post your questions on line so we can make them a part of the Voices discussion.

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Special Programming: Public Affairs on 09/24/10

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Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
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Die German Stunde talks about -- Immigration: How Germany/the US is handling it -- or not

Die German Stunde talks about the publication of "Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab"  or Germany Does Away With Itself by Thilo Sarrazin, a (soon-to-be) former central banker. Sarrazin says Jews have a common gene and Muslims are either unwilling or unable to integrate into western societies. Intellectuals in Germany have roundly condemned the book, but a large number of average Germans think Sarrazin has publicly expressed what has long been tabu. Our guests:  Feridun Bek, born and raised in Germany to Turkish immigrant parents, Mr. Bek is an auto executive who now lives in Detroit. He'll talk about what Germany and the U.S. do right -- and wrong -- when it comes to immigration. And Sergey Lagodinsky.

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