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Jesus's Second Coming Part 3: Crucifiction Erection

Ubu Hour
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Sun, 02/03/2008

The third and final chapter in the UBU HOUR's completely warped Audio Drama about the Second Coming of Jesus, this one is titled CRUCIFICTION ERECTION. Even more perverse, foul and filthy than the other two parts of this dark surreal political comedy, in this episode Jesus has been taken prisoner by the imperial forces. Prick Cheney, Ann Coutlergeist, Swill O'Riled, Reverend Spat Rotburpson, and Commander in Theif Dubya Tush plan to lead in the enhanced interror-gation and punishment of the prisoner, but other forces are afoot..... Warning!

48:13 minutes (44.15 MB)

Sierra Leone: More Information


The Cascade 18th annulal Festival of African Films takes place throughout February at PCC Cascade campus. All films are free.  Moving to the Beat will show at 8:30 on Thursday February 14th at the Cascade Moriarty building, room 104.  More information on the film festival, including show times and directions, is available on the web at . 

Circle A Radio playlist for 02/06/2008

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February 6: Sierra Leone and Portland Filmmakers

We speak with local creators of two documentaries about Sierra Leone: Diamonds, Guns and Rice, and Moving to the Beat.  Jan Haaken talks about Diamonds, Guns and Rice, which focuses on women’s perspectives on war and the peace process in Sierra Leone. She also is one of the Producers of Moving to the Beat. We’ll talk with Abdul Fofana, Moving to the Beat director, local videographer PC Perry and members of the Portland hip hop group, Rebel Soulz about hip hop, war, identity and their experiences making this film. 


Lesley Hazleton, author of Jezebel, the Untold Story of the Bible's Harlot Queen

Between the Covers
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Mon, 01/21/2008

Host Marianne Barisonek interviews Lesley Hazleton, author of Jezebel, the Untold Story of the Bible's Harlot Queen. He argues that Jezebel may have been gravely mischaracterized throughout history.

29:33 minutes (11.84 MB)

Stigmata Glory Hole: Second Life of Jesus Part 2:

Ubu Hour
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Mon, 01/07/2008

STIGMATA GLORY HOLE, the second part of the Ubu Hour's surreal black comedy Second Life of Jesus the Avenger Trilogy.  In this episode Jesus is pursued by vicious Bleak Water contractors while trying to sabotage a Republican presidential candidate debate and hilarity ensues. This audio drama contains profanity, indecency, sex, violence, torture, perversity, male organ enlargement surgieries, lewd stigmata holes and other stuff that may offend a few people... perhaps more than a few people so listen to it at YOUR OWN RISK.

36:24 minutes (24.99 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour for December 3, 2007

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Sun, 12/02/2007

Bill Resnick talks with Prof. Ismael Hossein-Zadeh about the administration's charges against Iran. Frann Michel reflects on religion, sexuality and social control--and the movie "The Bible Tells Me So." Host Clayton Morgareidge comments on arguments that maternity leave is unfair to non-parents. "Iceberg Lettuce, Anyone," is Luz Maria Gordillo's latest short story about Mexican immigrants. Clayton comments on "Wishing for God." And local activist Jamie Partridge talks with Bill Resnick about challenging Congressman Earl Blumenhauer on his vote for the Peru Free Trade Pact.

55:00 minutes (12.93 MB)

The Underground playlist for 09/26/2007

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The Underground
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September  2007 –  Magical Creatures (Membership Drive)

BreAna and Zoe tell all about The Cabbot

Kalisti does a vox pop about Favorite Magical Creatures

BreAna tells the story of "Little Bighorn", the Youth Collective's Unicorn Mascot

Jennifer hosts "Fact or Fiction with Harry Potter" a live game show

BreAna interviews Lisa, Alantha, and Eli about their Unschoolers Writing Group

a song by Full Throttle, a band formed at MLC Sun Schools rock camp

Dali Lama Awarded Congressional Gold Medal

program date: 
Tue, 10/16/2007

Host Scott speaks with a local Tibetan about the recent awarding of the Congressional Gold Medal to the Dali Lama.

28:23 minutes (25.98 MB)

Celebrating the Spirit of Dave Carter

Today's show was about celebrating the life and music of one of my favorite singer songwriters--Dave Carter who died unexpectedly on July  19, 2001.  I was at the Vancouver Folk Festival in Vancouver BC (which had been a 10+ year summer pilgrimage every year, the highlight of my year). In fact, the first time I ever heard a Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer recording, 2 things were instant thoughts in my mind: 

1.  I have to get a copy of the song "The Mountain" to Joan Baez somehow and

2.  these folks HAVE to play the Vancouver Folk Festival.

Old Mole Variety Hour for June 25, 2007

This show has discussions of the role of religion in the environmental movement, Socialism and Feminism in the life of Lynn Siegel, and the criminalization of immigrants.

57:41 minutes (23.11 MB)
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