Old Mole Variety Hour for November 5, 2007

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Sun, 11/04/2007

Hosted by Luz María Gordillo, this program discusses: (1) the culture of Afghanistan and how it plays out in the ongoing war there; (2) the program of short films about war put together by the Cinema Project ( and being shown on November 11 here in Portland; (3) Artist Harrell Fletcher's community and web-based projects designed to bring art into daily life and political awareness (, and; and (4) the Pacific Northwest Labor Arts Festival happening this Saturday, November 10, at Portland State University.

53:40 minutes (21.78 MB)

Circle A Radio playlist for 11/07/2007

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What do you need to make your activism sustainable? What’s missing from the groups you’re involved with?

These are the questions that Karen Hixson and Jenna Goldin begin their group counseling work with. They’re working with Relational Cultural Theory, the idea that the goal of development is the ability to participate actively in relationships that foster the well being of everyone involved.

We spoke with Karen and Jenna about living within a culture of isolation, and how it effects communication both inside and outside activist groups.

Interview with Cascade AIDS Project

Out Loud
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Mon, 10/08/2007

Carla interviews guests from Cascade AIDS Project - Michael, from the Prevention Services Dept, and Cree, from the Teen 2 Teen Project and Brother to Brother.

18:45 minutes (17.17 MB)

Africa News

Evening News
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Wed, 10/17/2007

Reports from the Africa with Marianne Fry reporting for KBOO news.

2:37 minutes (2.39 MB)

DIY, Portland: Kids Learning

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Wed, 10/17/2007


This month's show examines educational models that encourage and even require kids to make their own choices about what and how to learn. We'll visit the the Village Free School in southeast Portland, where 40 kids ages 5-18 make day-to-day plans and decisions about what topics they want to pursue and at what pace. We'll also drop in on Portland Youth Builders, an alternative program specifically designed to meet the needs of low-income students who have dropped out of high school. And we'll hear from Anna Fritz, who was a straight-A student when was inspired by the unschooling movement and decided to leave school at age 16.

Find out more at


43:09 minutes (49.39 MB)

Upcoming Topics

We reserve the right to change our minds, but just in case you're wondering, we are probably going to cover these topics in the next few months... and this is not in order by date or anything.

--Grace Paley Birthday Celebration and Memorial Party

--The Native American Occupation of Alcatraz

--Border Issues and other Immigration issues

--PFLAG History

--Radical Therapy


Circle A Radio playlist for 09/19/2007

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August 24th through the 26th, grassroots media makers, organizers, and community members converged to participate in a weekend of skillshares – called the Portland Grassroots Media Camp. We interviewed media camp organizers, instructors and participants.  You’ll also hear a sampling of audio produced during media camp workshops.

Old Mole Variety Hour for October 8, 2007

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Sun, 10/07/2007

James Loewen, author of "Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong," talks with Laurie Mercier about Columbus Day. Bill Resnick and union president Christy Lovato discuss labor and community solidarity with the workers at Powells Books. Attorney Mike Snedeker talks with Jan Haaken about lethal injection and Erol Morris's film "Dr. Death." And we ask for your support--which you can give by clicking on the Join Now button at the top of this page!

54:30 minutes (24.95 MB)

Our Backyard

Evening News
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Tue, 09/25/2007

Another edition of the local environmental series, "Our Backyard" with K-BOO’s Edison Carder.

5:11 minutes (4.75 MB)

Circle A Radio playlist for 1-3-2007

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We talk to Dr. Jill Ginsberg of the North by Northeast Community Health Clinic, Erin McNally of the Josiah Hill III Clinic, Charles Lewis of Ethos Music Center, and representatives of the IWW/Liberty Hall, In Other Words bookstore, and Laughing Horse bookstore.

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