Marlene Smith with Dr Bailey & Dr. Peskin on cancer, and Ed Goldberg on the economy

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Thu, 12/13/2007

Marlene hosts Dr. Steven Bailey and an interview with Dr. Brian Scott Peskin, author of "The Hidden Story of Cancer".  Then, in the second half of the show, Marlene and Ed Goldberg discuss the mortgage crisis and sub-prime lending.


103:10 minutes (17.71 MB)

J. Craig Venter on his memoir, "A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life"

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Wed, 12/12/2007

Producer Lisa Loving interviews genome scientist J. Craig Venter on his book, his life, the future applications of genomic research on alternative fuels, and the recent implosion of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Robert T. Watson's career.

27:09 minutes (24.86 MB)

Circumcision on the Decline

Evening News
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Sun, 10/28/2007

Circumcision is on the decline globally and fewer and fewer parents are electing to have the procedure performed on their newborns in America.

The National Office of Circumcision Information Reasearch Center, or NO-CIRC for short, has set up a booth at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Convention in San Francisco this week.

2:16 minutes (2.08 MB)

The Underground playlist for 10/24/2007

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The Underground
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October  2007 –  Advice

Rhythm Interviews his Dad Dennis about advice on how to not annoy your parents

Tabrise and Paisely – how to be a good friend and not a weird person

Zoe – Vox Pop about things your parents told you not to do that you did anyway

BreAna interviews Timothy and Katie from Youth Line

Play Announcements

James and Rhythm interview John from Resolutions NW

Emily and Lindsey do a school profile on New Urban High School

The Underground playlist for 08/22/2007

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The Underground
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August  2007 –  End of Summer

Jonathan – Interview with his Grandma about living in a house with many different cultures

Ariel -  Commentary on the end of Summer

Amber leads a discussion about the FOCUS School at Madison High

James leads a discussion about the End of Summer

Briseda from the Renisance Arts Academy interviews Anne Weiss

Ben2 interviews Rhythm and Kalisti about Zine Camp

Girls from the Pioneer Annex discuss their high school experiences

The Underground playlist for 07/25/2007

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The Underground
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July  2007 –  No Theme

Jennifer reads Meritocracy, a story she wrote

Camaya and Jonathan – Profile on Friends of the Children

BreAna interviews Toni about Super SAC

Felicia – Talks about Darfur and a benefit she’s organizing to help raise funds for refugees of Sudan

Margaret interviews Bethany about her cancer, which she died from 10 days after this interview

BreAna and Zoe  - “How to pick the perfect pet”

Annie- Commentary on Feminism

The Underground playlist for 06/27/2007

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The Underground
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June  2007 –  Best of Portland

Jennifer – Review of Rembrandt Show at Portland Art Museum, Best Place To See Art

Shadow Interviews Suzanne from Hawaii Pacific University

Breana Describes her trip from Vancouver, WA to Vancouver BC, all on Public Transportation

Vicki from the Renisance Arts Academy’s Pulse of Portland Music Project does this profile on State of Mind

Hanna, Shadow, and Margaret go to the Dyke March and do interviews.

Annie interviews Katherine from La Conner Washington who is Volunteering at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls.

The Underground playlist for 05/23/2007

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The Underground
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May  2007 –  Drugs


Shadow Interviews Mom, 11 Years clean and sober

Jefferson Student commentary 1, by Dasha

Sean commentary about drugs

Jefferson Student commentary 2


Zoe commentary about cats and Catnip

Woodmere Youth Action Group

Jefferson Student Commentary 3


Annie – Last Day of High School

Margaret –Last Day of High School

The Underground playlist for 04/25/2007

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The Underground
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April  2007 – Violence


Round Table Discussion about Violence

Margaret- Commentary about two differing philosophies on violence

Ben 2 Interviews Stevie, the Self Defense Instructor

BreAna – School Shooting History

Josh Interviews Diana  Rempe, and Jimena Alvarado, from PSU about the May Day Rally

Parkrose High School Profile

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