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Judge rules that government illegally wiretapped Oregon-based charity

Evening News
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Fri, 04/02/2010

A federal judge ruled this week that the Bush administration acted illegally by wiretapping an Islamic charity without a warrant.

The case was a victory for the Al-Haramain Islamic Charity, whose US office was in Ashland, Oregon.

The organization was charged in 2002 with connections to terrorist groups. All charges were dropped in 2008, but the charity remains on the US State Department's Terror watch list.

KBOO’s Jenka Soderberg spoke with one of the lawyers for Al Haramain, Portland-based Tom Nelson.

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Food Show on 04/21/10

Food Show
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Wed, 04/21/2010 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
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IACP; Kim Severson in-studio with new memoir Spoon Fed; Kamal Mouzawak says "make falafel, not war."

One thousand food pros descend on Portland this week for the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) annual conference. Conference chair Ken Rubin and IACP President Scott Givot fill us in on this "who's who" of gourmet events.

1700 soldiers obtain discharges with aid of Elizabeth Stinson, military trauma therapist

Recovery Zone
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Wed, 03/24/2010

Host Stephanie Potter talks with Portland resident Elizabeth Stinson about her work as a military trauma therapist. Stinson uses her expertise with military regulations and her counseling and diplomacy skills to advise soldiers and their families on their options for obtaining administrative discharges from the military. So far Elizabeth has succeeded in helping some 1700 soldiers to leave the military.

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Fascism--it's here now

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Thu, 04/01/2010

Theresa Mitchell with the "news you're not supposed to know" comments on our modern-day police state -- how 403 billionaires effectively direct U.S. policy, how 7 million US citizens are in jail, on parole or on probation, how rascism and class theft are tied to empire.  She also takes a look at some of those who've dared to protest. 

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"An Act of State" by Dr. William Pepper: an investigation into Martin Luther King Jr's assassination

Fight the Empire
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Thu, 04/01/2010

 Per Fagereng interviews Dr. William Pepper about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Pepper is the author of An Act of State, a compelling and authoritative account of how King’s challenge to the US establishment led inexorably to his murder.  William Pepper was a young journalist, just back from Vietnam, when he first met Martin Luther King Jr. His photographs and first-hand accounts of the war prompted King’s unflinching opposition to the war. His investigations of King’s assassination included extensive interviews with James Earl Ray. Pepper is an English barrister who convenes a seminar on International Human Rights at Oxford University and maintains practices in the US and the UK.

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The Abe and Joe Talk Radio Show on 03/30/10

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Tue, 03/30/2010 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Blogger Chip Ward from joins Abe and Joe for a closer look at the Tea Party.

For a few generations now, White Guys in America have been hearing footsteps -- female and nonwhite footsteps advancing relentlessly on the White Guys' exclusive clubhouse. This sense of creeping white unease has manifested itself in various ways over the years -- Nixon-era "states' rights," Reagan's crusade against "welfare moms," anti-immigrationism, and on and on -- and been skillfully exploited by leaders on the religious and political right.

Recent events, though, have thrown the White Guys into a full-blown, potentially violent panic. It began when Barack Obama's election appeared imminent, and reached a head with the passage of health care reform legislation. And this panic has a name -- the Tea Party.

 So what's it really about? And what if they took over? Blogger Chip Ward from joins Abe and Joe for a closer look at what's eating at the Tea Partiers, and postulate on what the world would be like were the Tea Party to gain ascendancy.

March 29 Old Mole Variety Hour

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Mon, 03/29/2010


Hosted by Clayton Morgareidge, this program deals with the role of the peace movement in preventing nuclear war, the new wave of sex abuse cases in the Catholic Church, the Obama administration's version of No Child Left Behind; and Jean Thompson's short story collection Throws Like a Girl.

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Voices from the Edge on 3-25-2010

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Thu, 03/25/2010

This fall, Portlanders will decide whether to continue their experiment with voter-owned elections. The question becomes more relevant in the wake of Citzens United vs. Federal Elections Commission, a recent Supreme Court ruling that removed bans on corporate campaign spending. This week, Jo Ann and Dave talk with Common Cause Oregon's Janice Thompson about the upcoming referendum on voter-owned elections and what else needs to be done to fix our ailing electoral process.

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Paul Cienfuegos - "Is a Truly Sustainable Society Achievable As Long As Corporate 'Rights' Trump the Rights of People" - 2/26/10

Evening News
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Fri, 03/26/2010

This is Paul Cienfuegos' talk on the ascendancy of corporate rights over the rights of of people as citizens, and how this trend can be reversed.  The assertion of corporate over citizen rights came into sharp focus this January with the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision which opens the floodgates of unrestricted corporate money into election campaigns, under the guise of free speech.  Countering this trend are citizen revolts, many in small communities, which assert the right of the people who live in a community to decide what happens to that community and to its natural environment.  Abroad, this movement worked with the government of Ecuador to include in its constitution the inherent rights of nature, its ecosystems, and its genetic heritage.

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