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The Abe and Joe Talk Radio Show on 12/14/10

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Tue, 12/14/2010 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Compromise = Giving the Republicans everything they hold dear.

 Join Abe and Joe as we mourn the death of the New Deal. President Obama's  tax cut "compromise" spells out, in painful detail, the final death of the idea of liberalism as a governing philosophy. Obama was elected at the head of a populist wave and enjoyed strong majorities in both houses of Congress -- but at every turn, the prerogatives of the ruling class remained intact. The Bush tax cuts remain in place. Unemployment remains high. Obama and the Democrats kiss the ring of their corporate masters. Rest in peace, American Century. We hardly knew ye.

Digital Divide December 2010 - We take your calls about the WikiLeaks Drama, Free Press and the 1st Amendment

The Digital Divide
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Fri, 12/10/2010


Rabia Yeaman invites listeners to call in and give their opinion about Wikileaks, Julian Assange and freedom of speech. Want to weigh in on the subject, post your comments here.

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Pratap Chatterjee on WikiLeaks v. the Imperial Presidency's Poodle, Harold Koh

A Deeper Look
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Thu, 12/09/2010

Join host,  Linda Olson-Osterlund,  for this interview with author, investigative journalist and Guardian columnist, Pratap Chatterjee. George Bush had John Yoo, Obama has Harold Koh the  State Department's top lawyer. Chatterjee compares the two attorneys and there ascension into positions of power as they push forward the reach of the Imperial Presidency..

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Mug Shots

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Wed, 12/08/2010

Hosted by Lisa Loving 

What happens when you're arrested?  Among other things, you get your picture taken!

Today's guest is the Editor of  Listen up, and find out what Mug Shots are, what happens to them, and what that might mean to YOU.  Do YOU peruse the Mug Shots?  Is YOUR mug out there?  Your Mom's?  DO call in with YOUR experiences with Mug Shots!

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Press**Watch: Support Wikileaks


I won't be doing my show this week, but I want to promote the anti-totalitarian work being done by Wikileaks.  Right now the world corporate press is trying desperately to find circumlocutions that would allow them to avoid mentioning the fact that Julian Assange has just been arrested for...having consensual sex without a condom.

Now, supposing that was really done without consulting the women involved (one of whom is associated with the CIA's anti-Cuban corps), he should be confronted.  By the women.  And they should have better sense than to do him again.  But an international arrest warrant?

Positively Revolting on 12-03-10 Author Steve Hendricks

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Fri, 12/03/2010

Ani and Lyn interview author Steve Hendricks, on A Kidnapping in Milan: The CIA on Trial
In his book, Hendricks explores the 2003 kidnapping of Abu Oman from a street in Milan.  An act which resulted in the first trial of CIA officers by a U.S. ally.

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Voices from the Edge on 12/02/10 - The Arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud

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Thu, 12/02/2010

The arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud is raising troubling legal, political, social and moral questions. This week, Dave and Jo Ann examined the fallout of this incident and how we can move toward real - rather than politically expedient - solutions.

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scope and grope


Today the well-read red is as obsessed as any rabid tea-bagger about the transportation security administration's invasive new screening procedures for airline passengers. In a weird convergence of left and right, huge numbers of Americans turn out to be averse to having strangers subject them to radiation, take naked pictures of them, or touch their junk.

Voices from the Edge on 12/02/10

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Thu, 12/02/2010 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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What's the fallout from the Mohamed Osman Mohamud incident?

Voices from the Edge logo

What's the fallout from the Mohamed Osman Mohamud incident?

The Nov. 26 arrest of 19 year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud for allegedly attempting to detonate a bomb during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Pioneer Courthouse Square raises troubling legal, political, social and moral questions.

Did the FBI derail a dangerous plot or entrap a disaffected youth?

Evening News Monday November 29th

Evening News
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Mon, 11/29/2010

Check out tonights all-volunteer produced broadcast!

Local response from Somalic and Muslim Communities

Oregon CAP on World AIDS Day

Report from Cancun Climate Talks

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