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Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 11/19/2009

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Heavy Metal Vomit Party
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Syphlitic Vaginas- ?something in Japanese?

Coffins- Cadaver Blood

Iron Maiden- 2 Minutes to Midnight

Amorphis- Black Winter's Day

Shank- Patrick Bateman

The Crown- Deathexplosion

Judas Priest- Let Us Pray

Embrace the Thrones- Atonement Ritual

mic break

Corpus Rottus- Funeral Homes and Morgues

Winter- Oppression Freedom Oppression

Krabathor- Mirror Your Steps

Possessed- Burning in Hell (live)

Carcass - Incarnate Solvent Abuse

Slayer- Hell Awaits

Destroyer 666- Lord of the Wild

Sayyadina- In Process

Kreator- Under the Guillotine

Blasphemy- Atomic Nuclear Desolution

Incantation- Impending Diabolical Conquest

mic break

Dio- The Last in Line

Transgender Awareness Month and Day of Remembrance

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Tue, 11/17/2009

Every year dozens of individuals are brutally murdered because they are transgender or simply perceived as gender variant. Rather than decreasing, the number of these deaths has increased in the last few years, possibly as a backlash against gay-marriage legislation.  In order to memorialize those who have died for their gender presentations, activists founded the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20th.  This year, Oregon Governor Kulongoski proclaimed the day a statewide day of remembrance; and the entire month of November has been dedicated to transgender awareness.

In this episode of Gender Blender, co-hosts Jacob Anderson-Minshall and Laura Calvo spoke to the organizers of some of those events including:  Allison Cleveland, Executive Director of Eugene’s Gender Center and a key player in eliciting the governor’s proclamation; Natalia from Portland State University’s Queer Resource Center, which is sponsoring the local Transgender Day of Remembrance events, including a concert by trans musicians Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir (aka Katz); and queer performer Peterson Toscano who will be presenting his one-man play, “Transfigurations—Transgressing Gender in the Bible,” Thursday, November 19th at the Epworth United Methodist Church, 1333 SE 28th Street in Portland.

55:33 minutes (12.72 MB)

Anodyne playlist for 11/16/2009

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Back To The Egg
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An Evening of Afrotainment playlist for 11/15/2009

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An Evening of Afrotainment
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Rocked Saul Williams and Afro Punk to prime you for the Sunday show (November 15, Aladdin Theater). Be there or just be bent...

Lots of new music...Earl Greyhound (opening for Saul), Tv on the Radio (not even here but still in effect), some Jack Davey and her band J*Davey (not Afro Punk but still rockers). We even had some Saul Williams to set the airwaves afire.

What is Afro Punk...well, it's full of the fury and political fervor your expect from punk...just with a Black sensibility and do know what swagger/ swagga is don't you.? Best act like you do.

Anodyne playlist for 11/09/2009

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Back To The Egg
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Taking a cue from the show that precedes mine, I brought in an old mixtape to play on my show this morning.

Titled "Live Studio Audience", the tape consists of various songs culled from audience recordings I made of various concerts I attended in the mid-90's when I was living in upstate New York.

For me it was an audio travelogue of sorts....lots of road trips to cool cities that I was visiting for the first time...Providence, Boston, Ottawa, Ithaca, Montreal.....for YOU I hope it was entertaining in some way, at least to hear what was going on musically in 1994-1995.

Thanks as always for staying up with me!

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 10/31/2009

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Grateful Dead & Friends
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Hello fellow Space Travelers! Welcome to Begonia Studios Presents Playlist for 10-31-09!  We began the festivities with a little "cry in your beer" music by Mr. Robert Hall (Trouble) Weir. This is our first installment of this broasdcasts "download of the week" segment. I don't know about anyone else, but this was very new to me. Recorded at Pacific High Recorders in S.F., and broadcast on KSAN sometime in 1970. Features Jerry Garcia on pedal steel, Bob Weir, and John Cipolina on guitars, and either Bill Champlin, or Pete Sears on keyboards. Good tunes with lots of banter! This torrent can be found on www.Lossless

Anodyne playlist for 11/02/2009

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Back To The Egg
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Happy Birthday to my musical neighbor Levi of Midnight Mixtape!

Anodyne playlist for 10/26/2009

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Back To The Egg
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Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 10/24/2009

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Grateful Dead & Friends
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 This version of the Forests of Fennario looked at some new commercially available releases from Jerry Garcia, Jefferson Airplane, and The Grateful Dead. Web links are provided in the playlists.

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 10/22/2009

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Heavy Metal Vomit Party
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khanate - no joy

winter - eternal frost

Yob- Catharsis

laughing dog - kettle black

Ghoul- Gut Bucket Blues

cyness- 200,00 loser

disembowelment - excoriate

autopsy - gasping for air

Hawkwind- Kings of Speed

spazz - wooden shoes

Storm- Mellom Bakkar Og Berg

LMPC - defrancos boots

Impaled Nazarene- Goat Perversion

Grief- No Choice

Despise You- No More Feelings

Agalloch- A Celebration for the Death of Man

Helloween- Cry for Freedom

Bone Awl- Night's Middle

grave - morbids way to die

D.R.I.- Couch Slouch

Entombed- Bitter Loss

Morbid Angel- Chapel of Ghouls

Angelcorpse- Lord of the Funeral Pyre

Noothgrush- Procreation of the Wicked (Celtic Frost cover)

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