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Sudden Radio Project

Join us the last Monday in March, yes, 31st, for another whiz-bang edition of the Sudden Radio Project.

The Sudden Radio Project - January 2008

program date: 
Sun, 01/27/2008

SRP kicks off a lucky seventh year of Radio Theater from the top off our heads to the back of your mind.

59:15 minutes (16.95 MB)


Ubu Hour
program date: 
Sun, 02/03/2008

Revolutions - a short audio peice from The Ubu Hour archives, performed by Annie and Arlene. 


6:17 minutes (5.75 MB)

Jesus's Second Coming Part 3: Crucifiction Erection

Ubu Hour
program date: 
Sun, 02/03/2008

The third and final chapter in the UBU HOUR's completely warped Audio Drama about the Second Coming of Jesus, this one is titled CRUCIFICTION ERECTION. Even more perverse, foul and filthy than the other two parts of this dark surreal political comedy, in this episode Jesus has been taken prisoner by the imperial forces. Prick Cheney, Ann Coutlergeist, Swill O'Riled, Reverend Spat Rotburpson, and Commander in Theif Dubya Tush plan to lead in the enhanced interror-gation and punishment of the prisoner, but other forces are afoot..... Warning!

48:13 minutes (44.15 MB)


program date: 
Wed, 10/24/2007

Are you feeling a bit unsteady?

Perhaps the answer lies to the North.

Teslarians hold your breath!

10:15 minutes (9.39 MB)

Dirty Laundry in the Republican Closet

Ubu Hour
program date: 
Sun, 01/06/2008

DIRTY LAUNDRY IN THE REPUBLICAN CLOSET - The first part of a hilarious new Ubu Hour political drama that completely skewers the homophobic right-wing leaders in the Republican Party and their quest to pound morality and family values into the American public to disguise their own "sexual proclivities." This program contains profanity, sexual situations, and other content that some listeners may find offensive...

19:44 minutes (13.55 MB)

Stigmata Glory Hole: Second Life of Jesus Part 2:

Ubu Hour
program date: 
Mon, 01/07/2008

STIGMATA GLORY HOLE, the second part of the Ubu Hour's surreal black comedy Second Life of Jesus the Avenger Trilogy.  In this episode Jesus is pursued by vicious Bleak Water contractors while trying to sabotage a Republican presidential candidate debate and hilarity ensues. This audio drama contains profanity, indecency, sex, violence, torture, perversity, male organ enlargement surgieries, lewd stigmata holes and other stuff that may offend a few people... perhaps more than a few people so listen to it at YOUR OWN RISK.

36:24 minutes (24.99 MB)

Set-up and prep

My goal is to produce sonic art that allows for a general expansion of viewpoint

--say what?

--close your eyes and listen

--what do you see?

I slowly peel back the layers-mysterious that encompass the knowledge and experience necessary to git where I'm a'wanting to go,

but then ain't that what its all about?

mitakuye oyasin



program date: 
Sat, 05/26/2007

First produced bit--did not air

8:36 minutes (7.87 MB)

Sudden Radio Project Best of 2007

program date: 
Sun, 12/23/2007

Our anthology of sweet morsels from the past year, served on a silver speaker by Jeeves, with a side of kippers - all our best efforts.  The voice of Boom Boom goes on hiatus, except his writing, of course.  Bon voyage, Boom Boom...

60:47 minutes (17.39 MB)
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